Get To Know Us

We are a unique community of ladies that provide a safe and fun service to female working dog handlers across the UK, and other countries.

Hello There!

I’m Jo Perrott,  Founder of  The Ladies Working Dog Group (TM) 

I started the LWDG in 2015 as I was desperate to find the help and advice of other ladies training working dogs.

As a new female handler, I saw the need for a truly supportive community where women could join together and learn. A place where women didn’t have to worry if a question was stupid, or if she didn’t know what something meant.

Today over 3500 women engage with one another to provide a fun and empowering community, with hundreds of collective years of experience that allows us to offer knowledge and advice to best support other women, ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed…

We put great emphasis on community and support. We believe that you knowing the next step in your journey will help you grow in confidence, leading to long term success and experience.

If you ever want to know more about the full story behind the LWDG , you can read an in-depth article here about why it all began xx

What Our Members Say....

The Ladies Working Dog Group is a place where female working dog handlers connect, support & thrive

The LWDG Team

Helping Jo to run the LWDG is a large team of lovely ladies!

Jemma Martin is our dedicated lady for arranging all our Masterclasses, liaising with all our Featured Experts, and basically Jo’s memory! Jemma ensures that videos end up where they are meant to, at the right time.

The Featured Experts – There’s a great group of women who are the superstars of our masterclasses, our training days, our dog and ducks, our courses and our certificates. These are the ladies that bring the skills and expertise to the LWDG Society Membership events. Each Featured Expert has a bio in their Masterclasses, so head over to our library to check them out! 

The Moderators – So much of LWDG life happens happens across our 5 Facebook Groups, and our support team are in there daily, ensuring our community is always safe, friendly and positive. These lovely ladies weed out the keyboard warriors and make sure that we can all have fun. They also post and promote great content, and basically do a sterling job of loving and looking after us! 

The Regional Officers – Across the UK is a team of epic women who look after their region. Once Covid gives us a chance, these women will be arranging local events where we can all meet up and build brilliant friendships face to face. Right now, we are forced to live an online life, but once it is safe to do so these incredible girlies will be kicking into action. You can find your lovely lady here