Collaboration Leads To New Pastures...

Why do we want to Collaborate? 

The Ladies Working Dog Group believes collaboration with others brings us all new opportunities and adventures. Since day 1 we have been committed to bringing great working dog related businesses to our members attention. 


What Topics Are We Looking To Collaborate on?

We held a recent survey of our network and these are the topics they are most interested in:


We are expecting by the end of the year the audience of the Ladies Working Dog Group across our membership, social media platforms and email list will exceed 10,000. We are currently over 6,000. Naturally, during the collaboration we will be heavily promoting you to the entire LWDG network. We could promote you in a month that aligns with something you want to promote, or just give you an additional promotional boost. 

If you work or train in the dog world, we want to hear from you!  There are a few different ways we can work with you: 

Collaboration Opportunity -Masterclass Training's

Each month we co-create a masterclass training for our members. These masterclasses are what our members love, and we love introducing new experts to our community. You’re all experts even if you might not feel you are, 

We are always looking towards our future masterclasses and looking for people like you who can help us to provide our members with useful and valuable content that can help them learn.

Part of our mission is to advise and encourage female working dog owners . If your mission aligns with our own, we would love to chat to you about the possible ways we can do this together. If you are interested working with us to co-create a masterclass training please fill out the contact form below and Jo will be in touch to chat to you further. 

Work With Us On Guest Blog Posts

Each week we publish a blog post that our members, and the larger working dog community will enjoy reading. You don’t need to be a journalist to have us to use your post

Simply fill out the form by clicking the button below and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

Collaborate on Competition and Offers

The Ladies Working Dog Group members love a great competition! They also like an amazing offer too!

We have run successful collaboration competitions with well known brands, and our member perk page has exclusive offers from organisations large and small. If you have a potential competition you would like to run with us simply fill out the form by clicking the button below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Ambassador and Affiliation Programs

Whilst these are not open yet, we will soon be looking for Ladies whose mission in their working dog life aligns with ours. We will be looking for ladies who already positively promote females in field sports, and those that are always positive and happy about helping others who maybe lack confidence. You do not have to be a trainer or have a dog related business, but you do need to be passionate about working dogs and be actively training your own dog.  

Both programmes will open for applications in April 2020 ….If this sounds like you please keep checking this page for more information and the link to the application form.