Advancing Your Training Past The Basics

Wed, 10th April, 7pm-8pm UK Time , Free Webinar

Hosted By
Jo Perrott , LWDG Founder
Featured Guest
Claire Denyer, LWDG Group Expert

🌟 About the Event

Are you ready to transform your approach to dog training? Join us for “Advancing The Basics”, an exclusive webinar designed to elevate your training skills beyond the ordinary. 

Date & Time: Tuesday, 10th April, 7 PM (UK Time)

Location: Online (Zoom) – Join from the comfort of your home!


🐾 What You’ll Discover

Our expertly crafted webinar will guide you through the nuances of advanced dog training, covering essential topics such as:

  • The Training Puzzle: Learn how to piece together each element of training to create a cohesive, effective plan.
  • Proofing Your Training: Discover strategies for ensuring your dog’s training sticks, no matter the location or distractions.
  • Training Amongst Friends: Get your dog comfortable and obedient, even in the company of other dogs.
  • Overcoming Setbacks: Understand what to do when progress feels like it’s in reverse, and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities.

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