The LWDG Hot Mess Handler Course

Emma Stevens (Group Expert)

Cunningshot Dog Training. Upon completion of her degree in Veterinary Medicine, Emma worked in practice. After two years, she came out of Veterinary work and set up Cunningshot Dog Training. With a unique set of skills, canine psychology, health, nutrition and an advanced set of practical dog training skills, Emma has witnessed and worked with a huge range of breeds across various disciplines. Emma has witnessed and worked with a huge range of breeds across a large variety of disciplines.

From Confused To Confident – 3 Day Challenge

Are you starting to lose faith that you’ll ever completely train your dog? Do you feel like you take a step forward and then take three back? LWDG Group Expert…

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Planning Dog Training Sessions That Work

Have you ever started a training session with your dog only to have it fizzle out within minutes? Or felt like you were just going through the motions without any…

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Canine Pregnancy And Puppies

Have you ever wondered what happens during canine pregnancy and birth? If so, this online course is for you! You will learn about the different pregnancy stages and how to…

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The Science Behind Correction- How To Correct Constructively

Join our amazing Group Experts Emma Stevens, Claire Denyer, and Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor as they deliver a live session to 100 participants on the topic of Correction. This webinar took place…

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Dual Handling Working Dogs

Do you currently have two dogs, or are you interested in two dogs in the future? The dual handling skills needed to not only work two dogs in the field…

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The Importance Of Teaching Your Dog Self Control

Teaching your dog self-control is an important thing you can do for them. Not only will it help them to be better behaved, but it will also give them a…

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Your Dogs & Fireworks

Many people enjoy setting off fireworks to celebrate holidays like the New Year or Bonfire Night, but they may not realise the effect it can have on our pets. Dogs…

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Introducing Your Dog To Cold Game

Watch the recording of our very first LIVE masterclass with the incredible Group Expert Emma Stevens! Emma will be teaching you how to use cold game when training your dog….

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Controlling Prey Drive

Hunting dogs are a special breed. Not only do they have to be athletic and have a good nose, but they also need to have a strong prey drive. This…

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Using A Place Board With A Working Dog

Training a gundog well is essential for anyone who wants to use their dog in the field. Gundogs are intelligent and highly trainable, but they require patience and consistency to…

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The LWDG Hot Mess Handler

The LWDG Flagship Handler Foundations Training Course! Hot Mess Handler, our Gundog Training Foundation Course consists of over 16 hours of video training, 9 topic areas, and 30 different sections to…

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