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You know, I know, our dogs should be well trained.
but what happens if we are not sure how to do it?

You walk into your home after a busy day at work and you’re greeted by the happy welcoming face of your dog. You love how pleased they are to see you, but you just need a moment to change out of your work clothes. You ask them to sit, and they do… for about a second, and then they are bouncing about again. You ask again, and they do… this time for about thirty seconds, but then their bored of you not being fun, so wander off into the kitchen…

You change and get their lead to go out for an evening walk. They see the lead and they are all excited again! You take them out to the local field and wonder whether tonight they are going to be good, or bad…

Does This Sound Familiar?


Imagine if there was a clear, actionable way to improve your handling skills and your dog’s obedience without the stress, worry, or the anxiety of “am I even doing this right …”

… would you feel confident to show up to your dog training and handle it like a boss!

This course will help you conquer those questions with confidence. And you won’t be alone – hundreds of other women are already taking the course too.

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9 Foundational Gundog Cues

The videos cover in depth the 9 cues you absolutely need to learn in order to train your working dog so you have control.

20 Hours Of Quality Training

20 hours of recorded training including end of video Q&A sessions with students covering common problems so you can fix and prevent common problems.

Downloadable Workbooks

Download or print off focused PDF's to take notes from each video. Use these notebooks to remind you of how to train each cue so you can remind yourself of how to train each command quickly.

81 BONUS Training Ideas

Download our BONUS 81 training ideas for each cue/ command. 81 training ideas for you for free plus so you can enjoy training sessions with variety in just 10 minutes a day!

Here’s what others are saying about the course:

It has been amazing, I have learnt new techniques and it has given me more confidence. I was struggling with my training before Hot Mess Handler, my mindset has changed and I have more focus and even if I can only do 10mins training a day, 10mins quality training is better that none! :-). I have always hand problems with my dogs walking nicely on a lead, so this sections was fab, My dogs are rarely on leads so this is a massive challenge which I'm hoping to conquer. To be honest all the modules were amazing!! My training has improved because I am more confident, I am now using set cues, as not to confuse myself or the dogs 🙂 I have told my friends about this amazing course and group and I know one of them has now signed up for Hot Mess Handler:-)
Judith P
Here in the US there are very few trainers that use positive methods for gun dog work so I was so excited to come across Hot Mess Handler. I am a novice trainer and this is my first stab at training a gun dog. The modules are nicely laid out and the trainers are wonderful ladies! It's hard for me to pick a favorite. I found much value in all of them. I now have a better way of planning my training sessions. This has been great for me in clearing up some whys and hows of gun dog work. If you're not in the UK, you can easily adjust the plan to fit your needs. It is really great too for people in the US if your looking to train without the e-collar!
Terri R
Found the course really useful. Love all the ways it comes together by building on the 3 D's. I am guessing there a quite a few of us who would like to turn the clock back to puppyhood and start over with all the things you can train from an early age, rather than waiting for the dogs to mature a little, just the simple basics would have been really useful... Love the questions and answers section. My favourite module is Self-Control... l have a large Munsterlander... say no more! I also liked Steadiness and Directions. The course made me aware of building on and not forgetting to implement what we've learned. If a friend asked about the course I'd tell them BUY IT !! I have recommended it to a couple of friends.
Amanda W
I absolutely loved this course. Have worked my way through it and I am now currently going back referring to the relevant sections for the level my dog and I are at. My favourite Module is the sit! This was totally inspiring. Who knew how important this one command was and how vital it is for all other foundation training. I have watched parts of this module again and again as I feel it is so key for both my pup and me. I started to learn what I should be working on and how to tackle each section of training covered in the course. I would totally recommend the Hot Mess Handler. I would also say that even if you don't feel you are currently up to the level covered in the modules watch them as you will soon realise that each module has elements in it that are relevant to all levels.
Sam E
Thank you so much for all the time and effort that you give to the group. I signed up for the 'Hot Mess Handler' course and it is so helpful to me at this time. I have a 17 month old Welsh Springer Spaniel and due to the Covid restrictions have been unable to train her with other dogs around ie in a training club environment which I could really do with. However the course has given me motivation and ideas encouraging me to put in the time she needs hopefully to produce a confident well mannered dog. I also want to comment on the positive and non critical attitude shown from the members of the group when they answer questions and discuss methods of training. It is so refreshing to hear that everyone wants to help each other without criticism or disagreement. Please keep up the good work.
Sue W
Really enjoyed the Hot Mess Handler course. I found the videos and the accompanying workbooks and homework really easy to follow, and I like that there are exercises in for puppies as well as older dogs, but novice handlers. I have two dogs, a puppy and a nearly 3 year old dog, and so much of the course is applicable to both of them.The course gave me the confidence to break down training elements into bite-sized chunks that not only will the dog hopefully get, but also I will be able to remember and piece together. I think the bonus module on training sessions really emphasised this, as it showed how to combine the different homework exercises into training for the 'finished behaviour' and how to back track the steps needed to get there. I'd really encourage anyone who wants to have a safe and well behaved dog to take this course, as even if I never work either of my dogs on a shoot or in a trial, the foundations of Gundog behaviour are what we as pet owners all want: a dog that is safe, steady and that we can engage with in activities they enjoy: hunting, retrieving etc
Amanda W

Course Structure

1. Sit and Wait

with LWDG Group Expert Emma Stevens. 

2. Self Control

With LWDG Group Experts Claire Denyer and Emma Stevens

3. Effective Recall

With LWDG Featured Expert Abbie Reid

4. Steadiness

With LWDG Group Expert Claire Denyer

5. Retrieving

With LWDG Group Expert Jemma Martin

6. Heelwork

With lWDG Group Expert Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor

7. Stop Whistle

With Featured Expert Rose Setten

8. Hunt/Lost Whistle

With featured Expert Nicci Kenny

9. Directions

With Featured Expert Abbie Reid


– LWDG Quick-Train Sessions System


– Confused To Confident 3 Day FastTrack

Personal Note From LWDG Founder Jo Perrott

The Hot Mess Handler – The Gundog Training Foundation Course is THE course I wish I had access to right when I began training working dogs. It would have saved me making so many mistakes! I can’t turn back time unfortunately, but now at least I can stop making those errors. I love the fact that the LWDG Experts have created an affordable, intensive course that really will help anyone put their dog on the right track.

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