Looking for the perfect gift for a lady who loves working dogs. Look no further as we have two incredible exclusive offers for you! 

LWDG Christmas Countdown
The LWDG Christmas Pack

The LWDG Christmas Pack 2021 is the perfect gift  that will last far beyond December, perfect for a time when happy moments seem few and far between. With a total combined value of over £215, we have put together this extremely limited Christmas pack for just £145! 

Delivered straight to your door, it means you can give yourself, or a loved one, a gift full of great pleasures without even leaving your house. 


The LWDG Christmas Bundle

The LWDG Christmas Bundle is a perfect gift for those of you who love working dogs or know someone who does. The Magic Month Planner and 2021 calendar are incredible gifts alone , but we have popped them together in this Christmas bundle. You can save over 20% when ordering together. Only £29.95 with free UK delivery. 

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