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The Ladies Working Dog Group has a wide range of practical clothing and accessories to support your dog training journey. 

Our main LWDG clothing range is  embroidered for us at Tyler’s Embroidery . We have been working with them for over 2 years and the service has been fantastic. As a membership group, our products are embroidered to order and therefore delivery dates are fortnightly. This also gives you the opportunity to add your own personalisation should you wish. When purchasing, you will be taken to our partnership checkout to place your order. 


LWDG Retro Tee

The '70s called; they want their tshirt back. This retro-inspired tee features a vintage take on our LWDG Logo. Available in navy, maroon, brown, and green.


Ladies Working Dog Group Baseball Caps. Available with standard or society embroidered logo. Embroidered by Tylers.

Magic Month Planner (2nd Edition)

Hard month daily dog planner and journal with monthly tabs

LWDG Rose Gold Badge

Beautiful enamel rose gold badge with deluxe metal clasp

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