Free Dog Training Planner Reveals…

How to PLAN, DO and REVIEW your dog training sessions in less time than you think!

Finally, a 3-step dog training strategy anyone can follow, without needing to be a canine expert!

About The Magic Month Planner Lite

If you want to get more out of each of your training sessions without overwhelm or feeling stuck, this planner is for you.

Our free download helps you plan your training sessions following a simple step by step process.

Learn how to plan a perfect session, build on your dogs understanding of your commands and convert your training into results. 

Ive used the Magic Month Planner Lite to:

  • plan quickly my sessions
  • increase results
  • build my dogs ability
  • review my sessions
  • notice where there are gaps in my training
  • journal my experiences for quick and easy review of my training

Complete in as little as 5 minutes a day and shorten your training sessions as a result.

You wont get lost in a sea of what should I be doing, or feel overwhelmed with how much you have to do. 

Your dog training will be easy to carry out as the planner helps you break it down into small actionable steps. 

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