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Improve Your Results With The Magic Month Planner!

Plan each session quickly, following our Magic Month guidelines. Then, review it afterwards, saving yourself time and improving results.

Ready to learn how to actually get results training your dog ...EVEN if you feel you have no time whatsoever.

Most of us approach our dog’s training in a series of hours, lessons and days that don’t always provide us with the results we are looking for.

They’re often with the best intentions, but not always the best planned out.

The Magic Month Planner – The Definitive Dog Training Journal is your place to plan, do and review all your amazing training! 

Use the Magic Month Planner to record what you do with your dog to keep you from feeling confused and stuck, and instead help you to develop a focused plan that will help you to achieve the results you have been looking for.

Magic Month Planner Benefits

Increase productivity & happiness

Set Goals for each month. Achieve goals and improve time management. Track your daily training activity.

Review and reflect

Review each month to improve your performance. Reflect on every year to see what you have achieved. Dedicated areas to keep details of important contacts, worming, vaccinations and more.

Beautiful keepsake

Keep important dates and other important details close to hand. Wire Bound to make it simple to write in. Hard Backed Gloss Cover that’s wipe proof to protect your journal

What if there was an easier way for you to plan, do and review your dog training... and with less struggle

Imagine what it would be like if you could… finally have a plan for your dog’s training that led to the results you want.

How would it feel if you had… the ability to remember what you trained last month as easy as you remember last night?

How would it feel to start… building your own training guide on your personal skills and knowledge?

Imagine how it would feel if you had… ​confidence that you could actually do this successfully.

You Can!

Magic Month Planner Feedback

More Than One Dog?

If you own several dogs, or if you are leading a training company/group, our books may not be suitable for your needs.

To give you all the benefits of the Magic Month Planner for use with multiple dogs,  we have created an electronic multi-dog printable version. You can create multiple profiles and manage them individually to suit your needs.  Suitable for any dog training. This will be sent to you electronically. 

Includes additional pages to help you plan your weeks, also printable sheets for individual dog particulars, and individual training logs. Delivered to your email within 24 hours 

When Should I Expect My Planner?

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