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Really Enjoyed This

Really enjoyed this, Ben's enthusiasm really comes across - it gives me hope with Bramble lol. Reinforced the need to get the basics, for me, focus on indoors, then the garden, and then outside - it's not a rush it takes years. I looked up Fatty, an amazing dog! The years of training and from so many different experiences on Ben's part really is an inspiration of what can be achieved with hard work.

Lisa H

This was a brilliant session with Ben Randall

Ben answered the ladies' questions with very clear reasoning as to why their dogs weren't doing as the owners wanted, putting it forward in a way that made it easy to commit to one's memory for future reference purposes. This was a brilliant session with Ben Randall. He's a great inspiration!! I'm so glad I got round to watching the video. 1. From having a puppy 6-8 weeks old training it to do the toilet, sending it out, recalling it back, doing it say 10 times a day, 300 times a month, repetition doing the same actions. 2. Feeding the dog's meals. Making it sit quietly waiting for its food, or putting the washing out to dry, making the dog sit and wait till you're finished. 3. Yes, it's fun retrieving dummies, jumping over fences, water, etc, but train, train, train in the enclosed garden area till the dog is 100% proofed before then moving to a small area which had little scent on to for further training.

Hilary M

Ben gives simple, uncluttered explanations

Ben came across as sympathetic, approachable, and kind. The best trainers are those that give simple, uncluttered explanations, and that is what Ben did. Simple is not the same as easy and for me, it seems the biggest challenges are judging the incremental steps to take to achieve the finished behaviour, and secondly the mental discipline to maintain the boundaries and ensure consistency. My biggest two takeaways will be to use aspects of the working environment rather than artificial training aids (I wouldn't rule aids out as a stepping stone, but would fade them out quickly). Secondly to try and identify and train for all eventualities. Aim to leave nothing to chance.

Kerry W

Enjoy everything you do with your dog!

I enjoyed the ease of conversation that didn’t stray onto sideline topics. And always a happy feel. The main points I took away were don’t go too quickly! Don’t be afraid of going backward. It doesn’t mean failure. Enjoy everything you do with your dog. Any chance to hear from successful trainers is a bonus. And I am so thankful to be a part of this invaluable resource. Thank you!

Laura B

Ben talked a lot of sense

Ben talked a lot of sense about training dogs and what he did to get to where he is now I heard enjoying about his experiences and his understanding of the handler and the dogs psychologically and physiologically.

Sarah H

It was a fab session thanks!!

I really enjoyed hearing where it all began for Ben, how he built what he has now, and hearing a few tips and tricks he’s learned over the years. I’ve already booked a phone call with Ben. One of my biggest takeaways was realising I need to stop being so hard on myself and try and remain calm when things go wrong. We really need to go back to foundations before I carry on where I left off before the season we’ve just had. It was a fab session thanks!!

Millie C

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