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BONUS End Of Year Reflection Masterclass

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Discover the power of reviewing your working dog training with our Bonus End Of Year Reflection Masterclass.

Learn from your results this past year in order to create more success in the year ahead.

What Our Members Thought:


I'm So Excited

Excellent Jo, really enjoyed it. I found the IMDT approx 8 years ago and started my journey with them - I've met some lovely people, but not gundog related, so now I'm so excited to have found you and LWDG. Obviously we are restricted now with covid, but I really look forward to meeting you and other ladies, watching your other masterclasses and generally having fun. As I mentioned in my previous feedback I have 6 dogs, soon to have 7 as I'm expecting a litter of labradors next week and they are all so different. I certainly have a list as you suggested of and will be happy for what I have achieved and be working on some aspects with my youngster - using your training journal and also with the great suggestions. There is always room for improvement!


Uplifting and Inspiring

I found this masterclass uplifting and inspiring. I feel I have a structure to follow to get better results with my dogs in 2021. Can’t wait for my planner to arrive to note down the good bad and ugly to help me continually reflect on what’s actually happening in my training. Thanks for putting this class up for us all


I Really Appreciate the Non Judgemental Attitude The Group Has

Simply the idea of reflecting on the year is an important step and acknowledging the good and not so good with your training is hugely beneficial. I liked the positivity as I would normally look at what I had not achieved and feel that I had failed. I really appreciate the non judgmental attitude the group has . Thank you

Sandra G

Positive and Constructive

I bought a magic monthly planner in 2020 and have started doing reflections more often. It helps so much, I can see how our training is progressing and it helps me think about what each dog needs from me as we progress. I watched this master class as I was about to sit down to start my reflection for 2020 and planning for 2021. The masterclass was such a positive and constructive way to start thinking about the year ahead. Thanks for the great class as usual!


I'm Actually Quite Proud

Thank you so much for this masterclass. I'm quite new to the LWDG but loving everything about it. I am very guilty of always having a negative view and dwelling on the things that have gone wrong but this class has made me stop and think, actually I haven't done too badly with my dog this year.. We achieved the KC working gundog certificate on dummies, entered our first ever working test, are just about to complete our first season picking up.. I'm actually quite proud. Thank you for this


Thank You For Your Encouragement and Wisdom

Amazing masterclass Jo. Good to have the structure explained so well and how to plan ahead as well as celebrating even small wins. Looking forward to receiving my planner and achieving great things with my young dog in the year ahead. Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom .


I Love the Idea of Reflecting How The Year Went

I love the idea of reflecting on how the year went and keeping proper training notes. It feels as if one’s training remains stagnant but a proper review would probably prove otherwise.

Vicki R

I Now Have A Plan For The Future

I need to remember what is going well, I tend to focus on what's not going well. I now have a structure to help me reflect and plan for the future. I now know I am doing a great job with my home bred HPR who is the first dog I have started to train as a working gundog. I'm also proud that I facilitate group sessions of amateurs with trainers and am helping others with my North West Italian Spinone Gundog Training Group that will be 5 years old in April 2021.


Complete Eye Opener

Even though my professional background is in education, dog handling and training has been a complete eye opener to me, vastly different from the complex teaching theories we employ with humans. To have access to the simplicity of this reflection model and plan struck me most as each three step process helped me to focus my achievements from 2019, areas for improvement and then devise a robust training plan for 2020. I am looking forward to this year as it’s now a much less daunting prospect. Thank you.


Made Me Feel Far More Positive

Great masterclass Jo!! Made me think about my year with Red and realise what we have achieved!! The silly thing is I do end of year reviews for other things but not for my training with the boy!! Writing it all down has made me feel far more positive about moving forward into the new year!!! thanks again Jo

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