Handler Success ( Confidence and Mindset)

Grooming The Working Dog

10 Steps Easy

Masterclass Details

Steps 1 and 2 are available to all NOW!

From step 3 onwards you will need to be a Society Member to access. You can join the LWDG Society here 

This masterclass will show you how to provide maintenance grooming at home and the importance of keeping on top of grooming; whatever the breed. 

Julie will also show you how to home groom your dog to your personal preference if you would like to go further. There are huge benefits to your dog in grooming them, even if you only do maintenance and send them to a groomer regularly for a full groom.

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Course Structure

February Masterclass 1-Minute Social Media Video

Short video covering snippets of video from all 8 lessons 

Step 1- Equipment you will need

  • Equipment needed before you begin
  • How you can improvise
  • How to get started

Step 2 – Bathing

  • How to prepare for bathing
  • How to bath safely


Society Members Only

Step 3 - Drying

  • How to dry your dog properly with towel drying
  • Other equipment that can be used to dry your dog
  • How to make sure your dog is happy and safe to be dried
  • Dangers of using hair dryers
Society Members Only

Step 4 - Feet - Pads, Toes and Nails

  • Why it is so important to keep pads tidy
  • What pads do
  • How to check your dogs pads for mats and issues
  • How to keep the hair between your dogs pads short
  • Importance of keeping the hair between the toes tidy
  • How to check in between toes
  • How to Trim the hair between the toes safely
  • How to check if nails need trimming
  • How to trim your dogs nails with clippers
Society Members Only

Step 5 -Brushing

  • What brushes and combs to use
  • How to brush your dog properly depending on coat
  • We will look at “stripping” hair, brushing to remove excess hair, combing to get knots out and stop matting.
Society Members Only

Step 6 - Ears

  • How to check an ear is healthy
  • What to look out for; warning signs
  • How to keep the ear clean and healthy
  • How to trim around ears if necessary
Society Members Only

Step 7 -Cosmetic/Personal Choice

  • How to trim areas up to keep your dog cleaner and tidier
  • How to safely trim feathers, ears, tummy, tail up
  • Hygiene areas in older dogs
Society Members Only

Step 8 - Clipping

  • How to clip all over if that is your choice.
  • How to hold clippers
  • Where to start
  • How to ensure it is done safely
Society Members Only

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