LWDG Working Dog Certificate

LWDG Working Dog Certificate - Novice Level

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The Ladies Working Dog Certificate is a certified qualification that can be achieved by you and your dog. You will be assessed across 8 different areas of working dog ability at Foundation Level.

The LWDG Working Dog Certificate is open to all types and ages of dogs. The Dogs do not need to be registered with any registered body to take part.

There are four levels at which you can achieve certification: Foundation, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. The certificate is non-competitive, and the emphasis is on setting your dog up for success.

Please join our launch event online on the 7th of June.

Course Structure

Novice Level Introduction

Novice Level Criteria

Suitable for any age. The criteria you will need to demonstrate include all of the following: walking to heel off lead, steadiness, marked retrieve, memory retrieve, directional control, stop whistle on run out (moving away from the handler). 

LWDG Working Dog Certificate

Assessment Criteria 5 - Novice Level Stop

LWDG Working Dog Certificate

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