Make your own lanyards (BONUS MASTERCLASS)

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About Make your own lanyards (BONUS MASTERCLASS)

In this months Bonus Masterclass Jemma Martin from JM Country Crafts runs a workshop on how you can make your own lanyard. Your lanyard can be used for a variety of reasons, and definitely need them to help us as a whistle lanyard allows you to keep your whistle to hand without having to carry it.

Work through Jemma's instructions on how to make your own whistle lanyard from paracord. and clips you can purchase easily online. 

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About the Teacher

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Jemma Martin - JM Country CraftsI am sure you already know me from my involvement in the LWDG as content admin and regional organiser for the Midlands East area.I set up JM Country Crafts when I started making lanyards and various other things out of paracord and recycled shotgun cartridges as a hobby in 2019.
I enjoy trying out new ideas and making things for my dogs and others when I get a chance in between training my dogs, photography and work!

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