Photographing Your Dog

13 Steps

About this course

May Masterclass 2020

After a really busy 6 weeks of fab training ideas through The LWDG Challenge, we thought this months masterclass would be the perfect time to introduces some new positive skills you can enjoy whilst on lockdown

Brought to by our Regional Officer, and Photographer Gemma Martin, this masterclass will cover a range of basic tips and hints to improve the photography of your dog. You can use either a digital SLR camera, or you can use when using your camera phones.

We hope you will enjoy this masterclass and tag us on your Instagram images or share in the groups the photos you take. We really look forward to seeing them! 




Course Structure

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Step 1 - Relax

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Step 4 - Your Position

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Step 6 - Composition

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Step 7 - Moving Objects

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Masterclass Summary

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