Advanced Handling

Preparing For The Working Gun Dog Certificate

6 Steps Easy

Masterclass Details

December’s Masterclass video  ‘Preparing You and Your Dog For The KC Working Dog Certificate’  has been filmed by Featured Expert John Denyer ( yep, hubby of our amazing Claire Denyer). John has put together a 4 step Masterclass to help you understand:

  • The Kennel Club Working Dog Certificate
  • What Criteria Is Assessed
  • Things To Know About The Kennel Club Working Dog Certificate
  • Preparing Your Dog For The Working Dog Certificate

Disclaimer : Please note this is not an official Kennel Club Training, its a 4 stage system to help you understand more about the certificate from John’s perspective. 

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Examples Of The Requirements

Useful to know the requirements and to see examples of each of these demonstrated.


Handy Tips and Pointers

This gives a beginner handler a really good idea of what they’re aiming for. A comprehensive explanation of the different elements for this test with handy tips and pointers. Thank you.


Really Useful

It was helpful to know what elements would be tested and to what level your dog would need to work. Overall it was really useful.


Clear and Simple

Clear and simple explanation of what the WGC (Working Gundog Certificate) is and how to achieve it.


Really Enjoyed

really enjoyed listening to the video’s and the knowledge and experience from others. Being new to the gun dog training I feel the video’s and the detailed description was extremely understood and easy to follow, as long as you (myself) put the work in that is required. Thank you

Emma P

Well Presented and Easily Understood

Loved this master class, it has given me a good idea what to expect in March next year when I do the certificate and I still have plenty of time to practice , practice. Practice! Well presented and easily understood, Loved the videos too, this has made me super excited to get out there and train my dog