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Ready, Steady, Sit - Free 5 Day Challenge

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Welcome to our free 5-Day challenge! This Free 5-day challenge will quickly teach you how to improve your dogs steadiness and self-control using easy and quick games. Our Featured Expert will guide you each day as you teach your dog to behave in a different way. 

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Course Structure

Day 1 2 Steps

Welcome To Our 5 Day Challenge

Featured Expert Leanne Smith explains what you will be doing over the next 5 days to improve your dogs steadiness and self-control 

Day 1 - The 'Ready Game'

Featured Expert Leanne Smith introduces the 'Ready' Game and explains how to begin this training with your dog. 


Day 2 1 Step

Day 2 - 'The Ready Game' Part 2

Featured Expert Leanne Smith teaches how to correct your dog makes and explains how to improve your dog's steadiness. 

Day 5 2 Steps

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