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Steadiness To Movement Training with Featured Expert Matt Ball


Really Interesting

Really interesting step by step process. Nice to see something detailed on HPRs though applicable to all breeds.



It was incredible. Step by step progression and skills demonstrated in videos. For a newbie like myself, the concept of steadiness to movement has just blown my mind!

Alex M

Found This So Helpful

Found this so helpful in pointing out the need to get the sit to movement nailed in different environments and the caution of not trying to progress too quickly. Think I may be taking quite a while to achieve the steadiness required with my young springer, who seems to find anything that moves highly exciting even if is only a leaf!


Great Masterclass

Great masterclass, thank you. Can only dream of when my dog will reach those later stages! Will definitely concentrate on getting the sit to movement.

Carol M

Step By Step Approach

This step by step approach is a great way of demonstrating to beginner dog handlers what needs to be achieved before moving onto the next stage. I also like the reminder of ‘black and white, no grey areas’. This can be a difficult concept to remember sometimes but makes sense to implement it so the dog is clear what is being asked of them.


Excellent Masterclass

Excellent Masterclass, so many great tips for dogs with strong prey drive.... thank you 😊

Alison S

Course Structure


Podcast Interview With Featured Expert Matt Ball (Click Here)

The audio introduction interview  to this month's masterclass offers an incredible insight into your dogs behaviours, prey drive and instilling steadiness into them.

It's so good, LWDG have made it public so feel free to listen and share! 

Matt Ball is an expert in training dogs, with a focus on HPR behaviour. This audio introduction is a masterclass in itself. 

Enjoy !

Podcast Interview With Featured Expert Matt Ball



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Step 1 - Conditioning Your Dogs Response To Movement

In this video you will learn: 

  • Consolidating obedience
  • Response to sit whistle, voice and hand 
  • Continuity of repetition
  • Environmental response 
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Step 2 - Steadiness Training Off Lead

In this video you will learn :

  • Rewarding frequency and structure
  • Focus
  • Man-made movement distraction
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Step 3 - Off Leash Stop

In this video you will learn: 

  • Distance Work
  • Movement Off Leash
  • Rewarding
  • Timescales 


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Step 4 - Prey Drive

In this video you will learn: 

  • Introducing pens 
  • Prey Drive Behaviours 
  • Local Environments
  • Desensitisation
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Step 5 - Game Work

In this video you will learn :

  • Examples of behaviour
  • Environmental Behaviours
  • Game Work
  • Tolerance
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