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Teaching Your Dog To Social Walk

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Many working dogs are now also pet dogs, as such, they also need to be taught the life skills to help them be great pets alongside their working skills. One of the most important things to teach a working dog is when to work and when not to.

Self-employed hunting is one of the most challenging things to deal with, teaching your dog to Social Walk means that you can maintain your hunting and working skills but also teach your dog when it is appropriate to be hunting and when it is not. This means that you can all enjoy going out for a walk safe in the knowledge that you are not undermining your working skills.

Join us for this superb masterclass with Leanne Smith where she teaches us how to train your working dog to relax whilst out for a walk, rather than hunt. 

Course Structure

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Introduction to Masterclass

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Step 1 - Explaining Social Walking Part 1

  • Why Social Walking is a good life skill to teach your dogs
  • How to reward the dog’s choice to self interrupt investigating the environment
  • How a dog learns to automatically come back and stay with you when you stop walking.
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Step 2 - Explaining Social Walking Part 2

  • Your dog learns to keep track of you
  • When to mark your dog’s choice to looks at you and check in
  • When to add acue to this behaviour
  • Cue response is improved due to your dog being more connected to you
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Step 3 - The contrast between Hunting behaviour and Social walking behaviour

  • Erik is much more active, his behaviour changes and becomes more intense when given his hunting cue
  • Ragnar does not range when given his hunting cue
  • Types of rewards that can be used
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Step 4 - How to start teaching your adult dog to social walk part 1

  • Choosing the environment
  • Your dogs behaviour 
  • Marking behaviour
  • How to train 
  • Training whilst walking
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Step 5 - How to start teaching your adult dog to social walk part 2

  • Connection
  • Environment Changes 
  • Problem Solving
  • Recap of learning points
  • Adaptation of this technique to your dog’s personality
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