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Training Your Dog To Quarter

7 Steps

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Join us for this incredible masterclass with Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor as she guides us through a simpleyet effective process to training a dog to quarter. 


Brilliant Masterclass

Brilliant master class I’ve actually seen Sam for a private lesson with Reggie on quartering , learnt so much from her in 2 hours this is great to refer back too , reggies picked it up well except when the pheasant scent is just to much and he’ll go a little of track 😆

Lorraine H

Course Structure

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Welcome to our Masterclass on teaching your dog to quarter with the  Samanatha Thorneycroft Taylor. 

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Step 2 - Onlead to Offlead

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Step 3 - Working Off Lead

The third and final lesson with Sam  in our quartering Masterclass 

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Final Thoughts

We conclude this incredible masterclass. ( Please excuse Mr P's sniffles. He came to help bless with THE worst of colds! ) 

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