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Using Rewards Effectively

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Using rewards in training creates a very powerful way of learning. A lot of research has shown that learning through rewards and positive reinforcement is the most effective method for long term success.

This masterclass will explore what rewards actually are. Reward-based training doesn’t mean dogs can do whatever they like, it just focuses on how you teach them to want to do what we’d like them to do, and how to reinforce their choices to create a well-trained and motivated dog.

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All In All Just Brilliant

I had never heard of premak so that was very useful, I was worried that I am a walking treat dispenser so now I will be more careful to just use treats at appropriate times, it was good to learn about toys too, all in all just brilliant thank you.


Really Helpful and Encouraging

Really helpful and encouraging, thank you LWDG always enjoy learning from each master class.

Great to hear more about Rewards and how to use them effectively - my 2 labs live for them 🙂


Course Structure

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Step1 – What Are Rewards

  • Our relationship is vital and praise should always be used
  • Rewards can be from the handler (praise / food / toys)
  • Rewards can also come from the environment or the ‘premak’ principle
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Step 2- Using Food For The Basics

  • Food is great for the basics – quick and easy for high reps
  • Reward the dog’s own choice - don’t want to constantly be telling them what to do!
  • Can use food to encourage some movement as part of the reward

Video Includes:



  • Demo using treats to get focus and speak about the importance of praise
  • Demo of using food to allow dog to snuffle in order to reinforce a stay
  • Demo of using food to start a basic ‘stop’



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Step 3- Using Toys and Premak

  • Toys can be great to use for rewarding distance behaviour
  • A ‘fun’ behaviour can be the reward for doing a more boring behaviour
  • Retrieves can be rewarded with toys and play

Video Includes:


  • Using a ball to reward a stop
  • Using a fun behaviour (hunting) to reinforce a more boring behaviour (heel work)
  • Using toys to reward a retrieve



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Step 4 - Summary

  • Not all rewards are reinforcing
  • Your dog will be your best teacher
  • Be creative
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Certificate of Achievement

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