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By Ladies Working Dog Group
About Where's The Off-Switch

This masterclass will introduce you to all the tools you need to teach your dog to be able to switch off in many different situations.  It starts with teaching your dog to switch off in the house when you need to get on with all those everyday normal tasks so that he becomes a pleasant companion around the home.  It then moves onto teaching your dog how to switch off in outdoor situations and then finally to switch off in a work or sport situation, in between doing their job or competing. Yes, it can be done! 

Much of a dog’s time whether working or competing is spent waiting for their turn.  It is much more efficient to have a calm, patient dog when he is waiting as it means that he can conserve both mental and physical energy and save it for when you need it the most.  Just as important, it helps your dog to remain cognitive and able to focus on you in the most challenging and exciting circumstances.

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What Our Members Thought:


Very Helpful for My Energetic 4yr Old Cocker

Very helpful for my energetic 4yr old cocker who I inadvertently trained to work the whole time she is with me. Looking forward to being able to relax at home without her asking 'What's next?' every few minutes.


Extremely Informative and Useful

I found this masterclass to be extremely informative and useful. Having 6 dogs of my own and also being a dog trainer, I know that all dogs are very different and we need to learn to teach and help them to manage their own levels of frustration or excitement. I thought that Leanne explained everything very clearly and I will most certainly be recommending her methods to a few of my clients whose dogs are fine alone, but can't manage the group environments. I also like the way that she uses the cue 'break' to release the dogs and this is certainly something that I will consider using with my dogs. I do tend to use their names as a release cue as well sometimes as having 6 of them needs to be a bit more structured. All in all some great tips. I'm hoping that you can get a soft crate big enough for a labrador!


Simple and Easy

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Why do we need an Off Switch?How to add value to doing nothingDifferent types of dog and how they deal with frustrationLooking at the emotional state of our dogs when they are waiting

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The benefits of teaching an Off SwitchTeaching dogs to remain cognitive at all timesTeaching invisible boundariesHow self-management helps other work behavioursHow teaching impulse control helps other work behavioursSlowing everything down

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Crate Games - an overviewIntroducing a release wordImpulse control around food and toysSending to the crateCue discriminationWorking with arousalAdding duration

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Portable kitClear boundariesOn lead cueVerbal cue

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Releasing dogs one at a timeGradually building challengesConclusions and summing up

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About the Teacher

Ladies Working Dog Group

Leanne Smith is a Professional Gundog Trainer specialising in modern, science-based positive techniques to train dogs.

Leanne started her working life as a Research and Development Engineer in a Transmission Company. After achieving Chartered Engineer status she changed careers into dog training and behaviour. Leanne holds the COAPE Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, and is an affiliate member of the COAPE Association and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Membership No 906). She is also a registered Instructor for The Gundog Club.

In 2005 Leanne moved from Lancashire to Devon to work at Dogs R Dogs. She started out working with pet dogs, puppies and agility dogs but has since moved more of her focus onto Positive Gundog training as this is where her passion lies. The offshoot of working more with gundog breeds has given her a real insight into teaching dogs to focus on their handlers in very challenging outdoor environments, which helps her to work with dogs with recall and outdoor focus and control issues.

Much of Leanne’s time is spent with pet dogs and their owners helping them to be able to work as a team. Helping owners better understand their dogs and giving them all the tools and skills they need, means that both dog and owner have a much better quality of life.

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