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Introducing Dr Emma Fretwell, she is a specialist canine chiropractor, with a particular interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

She has had sporting dogs of various descriptions all her life, and been involved in many different dog sports and working dogs both as a professional and as a handler.

She has been the first Team Chiropractor for the Agility Team GB teams, where the team won many medals throughout her time, she has her own picking up team, consisting of 2 x cockers and 2 x labs.

She also provides consultation to many different teams over the years – winning Sled Dog teams, Agility, Obedience, heelwork to Music, show breeds, amongst many others.

She is here to give a little insight into getting you and your dog fit and ready prepped for the upcoming season, creating a formidable partnership both on the picking teams and on the beating teams.

Using A Place Board With Your Working Dog

Member Feedback:

Very Satisfied. What a brilliant masterclass, thank you! I've been thinking of getting some placeboards but I wasn't sure how to use them.I'm going to head on over to Sporting Saint now and order some!
"Very Good delivery of how to use placeboards. Nice format and breakdown into different behaviour elements. I liked how various dogs were used to realistically demonstrate each aspect instead of using a seasoned dog. Hats off to Sophie and her baby keeping it real and still fitting training in"
"A great video and lots to take on board!! This won’t be the last time I watch this As there is so much information. The idea you can get the dog to stay on the board It’s one I’m going to try with my young Labrador as she struggles with sitting and focusing for very long. It was lovely to see Sophie and baby taking part."
"Having never used them before I now have a good base for using with all my dogs at their various stages of their working life. Thank you for this it's brilliant. Will certainly bring my spaniel to. Different level. Also looking forward to perfecting what my Labradors already know but get a bit sloppy on."
"Really clear exercises at all levels and great explanations. Am now keen to see if this will help my Springer to focus more in training sessions."
Training Your Dog To The Sound Of Shot
Walking Your Working Dog
To Heel
Training Your Dog
To Sit

Feedback From Our Other Masterclasses:

"How to introduce more excitement to the heel. I think my dogs find heel more of s chore so I have picked up a few tips to improve. Ever days a school day 🙂 great video."
"To see it visually was so helpful. All your questions were very good too, Jo. 😊"
"The challenge was incredible! I loved having dailyemails and it helped me keepfocused on what it wasI wanted to achieve. Thanks Nina and Jo"
"The idea to move around so that the dog almost has to keep to heel."
"I thought the breaking down of the steps of getting to walk to heel key to achieving the result I want. Clearly explained and demonstrated - great ! My ESS has had an operation so we will be on this once he can walk again ! Thanks Jo !"
"Heelwork has always been a bit hit and miss with my spaniel and this video helped tremendously and will be out there following the advice"