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Canine Hydrotherapist

I am very new to the gundog world but not new to working with dogs. However I recently went on my first shoot day with my young Labrador and it was horrible! Full of men taking the mick out of me and my one Labrador (on a shoot full of spaniels) *I do love spaniels too!* To say I felt completed defeated and disappointed was an understatement, I actually shed a few tears. The last few months we have been seeing a trainer every week and I felt we had improved a lot. Although My boy is young and we are both new to this, and we weren’t even given a chance. I recently joined this group after following on Instagram for quite a while and seeing everyone else’s comments and photos gave me confidence that training is a process and that there are some really lovely people in this community.The Facebook page is a really supportive community, where a wide range of opinions can be suggested without any negativity. Fundamentally we all love our dogs. I am very happy that I found this group, else I think I would of run away from the gundog community after my first day on a shoot and never looked back.
The LWDG is… a supportive group of ladies, who deliver with a lot of passion and are very welcoming.

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