New to The Ladies Working Dog Group VIP Membership

Welcome to the Ladies Working Dog Group family!

I know how excited you are to dive in and start building your confidence and increase your dog training knowledge, whilst building incredible new friendships.

This page will give you a quick walk through so you know how to make the most of your LWDG VIP subscription.

When you first come to the website, begin by making sure you login. Once you have logged in you’ll be able to see the masterclasses you have access to. You can browse past masterclasses at no extra cost. We’ve included them all for you. You will also be able to attend regional events that your Regional Organiser has arranged. These are free of charge for LWDG-VIP Members also. 

I’m also very excited to invite you to join the private Facebook community for active LWDG-VIP  members. This is where you can ask questions as well as get ideas, inspiration, and encouragement from hundreds of other members. This is where members go to get support on things like feeling stuck with their dog , to coming up with ideas to make a command work for them, to getting encouragement they need to hustle harder. Friend, this is where the magic happens!

Each month, if you’re a monthly member, you’ll be billed for the new month and masterclass. 

If you ever have account-related issues you need help with, first visit our Manage Membership section. If this doesn’t help,  please email me  and I’ll be sure to take care of you. Please allow me 48 business hours to get back to you.

I can’t wait to see how you use the masterclasses and the LWDG VIP. Make it your own, show up with great confidence and happiness consistently, and start conversations that build relationships that help you become the dog handler you want to be!

Shine on, Superstar!

Here’s the information you’re probably looking for right now.

You can login and click the area you want to visit. 

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