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The Welsh Springer Spaniel

It’s June and that means it’s time for our second blog post in our Vulnerable Breed Series! This month’s vulnerable breed is The Welsh Springer Spaniel. This blog has been kindly written for us by Jane Sutherland from the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales, and the images used throughout have been kindly sent

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Buddy with Tetherlead
Looking For A New Lead?

Product Review by Joanne Perrott, Founder of the Ladies Working Dog Group A lead is the one piece of equipment I cannot do without. Whether its for teaching a puppy heel, or for walking an older dog in a farmers fields, leads are there to ensure our dogs safety. And its also one of the things

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dog training with dummy in a scurry
Which Dummy Is Right For Me?

There is a bewildering range of dummies on the market. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. It can be difficult to know where to start and which dummies are relevant to different stages of training. Here’s a short guide to the types of dummies available and what they do provided by one of our

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Vulnerable Breed Blog: Sussex Spaniel

This blog is the first of the series where we speak to a club about their vulnerable breed. Using the Kennel Club’s Native Vulnerable Breed list, we reached out to different clubs about their breed. We asked how they are used for working and how the breed has unfortunately ended up on the list, alongside

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New Amateur Competition For Dog Owners At This Years Game Fair

ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN! For The Gundog Working Test Challenge – A new competition aimed at amateurs. The competition is split in to spaniels and retrievers, and excitedly for many – dogs do not need to be KC registered. Two spaniels and two retrievers from each qualifying round will be invited to compete for the grand

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pointer puppies in a field
Getting Prepared for A Litter

Are you getting ready for your first litter? Or perhaps you have had litters before but you’re not 100% on the best equipment for the arrival, whelping or rearing?  Welcoming new life into the world can be very rewarding, but it can also be quite difficult. This blog post includes some of our members comments

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Dog Food on the floor accompanied by raw food for dogs
Working Out A Dog’s Weight – 5 Great Resources To Help

A question we often see within our society and groups is- “What weight should my working dog be?” or “How do I maintain my dog’s body condition?” .  The answers are not always simple to find as the answer is completely different for each dog. In this blog we provide you with the links to

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two dogs running down an autumn lane towards the camera
Top Tips For Training A Reliable Recall

The Importance Of Reliable Recall.Reliable Recall is one of the cues your dog has to master. There will be so many times you need your dog to return to you quickly, without hesitation. Recall is essential for all dogs, but even more so for a working dog. Featured Expert Claire Denyer explains the importance of

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Spaniel in a summer patway surrounded by trees
Sporting Saint Launches New Website!

The NEW Sporting Saint Website is here! Sporting Saint have launched a brand new website – fully redesigned, improved, modern and interactive while still providing their customers with an even better service and product range. Sporting Saint are delighted to announce the launch of their newly designed website this Friday 5th March 2021 after months

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Using Raw As A Working Dog’s Diet

Providing the best balanced diet for your working dog can be daunting. There are so many different options out there that promote many different benefits, it can quite easily become overwhelming. We spoke to our friends at Rawgeous Pet Food Co. who gave us their best tips and tricks to finding the best raw diet

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Telegram logo for the cover image on blog
Exciting New Way of Communicating for The LWDG Society

A lot has been going on behind the scenes at LWDG HQ… and one of those things is Telegram! You may have heard of our LWDG Hangout Channel promoted on our Society Facebook group- we have gone one step further and given each region their own group within Telegram. We are hoping this gives our

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Black Background with screen shot of text from BBC 2 Aricle on the Ladies Working DogGroup
Talking Working Dogs On Radio 2 Wales

Share this post Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on print Share on email On Sunday 7th of February 2021 Radio 2 Wales published an interview by BBC Presenter Caroline Evans on Country Focus . Caroline chats with Jo Perrott about all things working dog! 

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Two springer spaniels training with dummies
Isolation and Training

As the lockdown continues nationwide, a lot of us are feeling a sense of loss. That loss may be routine, a job, or maybe even a loved one. I know I am feeling a sense of loss too. This blog is dedicated to those, like me, whose lives have changed due to the pandemic. Also,

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Pheasant Meal with Egg on White Plate
BGA Launches Under 21 Cooking Competition called ‘Game Chef Hunt’

Find out more about the BGA Cooking Competition The British Game Alliance (BGA) is delighted to announce an exciting new competition for under 21’s that love cooking with game – or indeed those who wish to use Lockdown to learn how to cook game. ‘Game Chef Hunt’ competition aims to showcase and celebrate great game recipes and talent

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LWDG Christmas Gifts For 2020!

Looking for the perfect gift for a lady who loves working dogs. Look no further as we have two incredible exclusive offers for you!  LWDG Christmas Countdown Days Hours Minutes The LWDG Christmas Pack The LWDG Christmas Pack 2021 is the perfect gift  that will last far beyond December, perfect for a time when happy

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Win An Incredible Print!

We are super excited to launch this incredible prize draw with Kerto Art!⁠ ⁠ Entitled ‘Gundogs Ready For Work’, this gorgeous limited edition print could be hanging in your home by Christmas!⁠ ⁠ This free-to-enter prize draw runs until 14th December! ⁠ Print Size – 20″x16″ (508x406mm) edition of 95⁠ ⁠ To enter simply complete

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Working An Unconventional Gundog

Working An Unconventional Gundog (Member Spotlight with With Emma Mather) Click Play below to listen  Listen On Spotify What happens if you’re training a dog that isn’t one of the traditional breeds? If you have been asking yourself this question you will love our first-ever LWDG Member Spotlight. This week I’m joined by Emma Mather

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working dogs and firework background
Your Dog And Fireworks

Are you and your dog ready for fireworks on Bonfire Night? For a lot of dogs fireworks can cause a range of different worrying behaviours that we may not even be aware of. Watch our Featured Experts as they discuss what you can do to ensure your dog is safe and happy around fireworks. Because

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Image of a sad dog for gundog theft awareness week
Gundog Theft Awareness Week

Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on linkedin Gundog Theft Awareness Week starts 31st October 2020 Daily across the LWDG Facebook Groups we see pleas for help to find a stolen dog, and it’s so incredibly saddening.  Where exactly these stolen dogs end up can be as equally heartbreaking.  If the

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14 Tips For Improving Your Dog Training

Sadly, we aren’t all natural dog whisperers.  The occasional 20 minutes in the garden isn’t going to crack it, so in order to be the best dog trainer you can be, it helps us to have some tips in place to help us reach our potential.  Here are 14 tips to help you improve your

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Cold Pressed Dog Food Explained

Hello!  My name is Lucy Millar. I’m the owner of Rùn, a very new Cold Pressed dog food based in Scotland.  While we’ve been staying at home during lock-down, a lot of the things we normally take for granted have had to undergo a bit of a change.  The biggest of these has definitely been

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The 3 main reasons why you would want to contribute…

I’m writing this blog after what has been one of my saddest and happiest days as the Founder of the LWDG.   Yesterday I was sent so many emails by members in response to an email I sent to our community… The replies were full of the stories of ladies who were too scared to

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Solutions To Your Sit Before Lead Removal Problems

This is a great post by Leanne Smith on what to do when your dog will not sit before the removal of the lead. Leanne takes us through how she tried 4 different solutions to find out what to do with her dog Ragnar… One of the reasons that I enjoy dog training is all

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Win £100 of Dog Food With Red Mills Pet!

We are so excited to bring to our followers an amazing giveaway kindly provided by @redmillspet Their going to happily giveaway £100 of their products to one lucky winner! The prize is a selection of their Engage premium working dog foods including our replenish power bars (to the value of £100) To enter simply comment on

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Your Dogs Welfare During Times Of Isolation

At the beginning of 2020, it was flooding, and now its a pandemic! But it could be a sprained ankle or some other event that makes it difficult at times for us to take our dogs outdoors.  Our amazing Featured Expert and Qualified Dog Trainer Claire Denyer takes us through some of the most frequently

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Increase Your Success Using Values-Driven Dog Training

Have you ever thought about how your dog training success is achieved in your own mind? There are many different styles of dog training across the world. Depending on the dogs function, how and what we train changes to suit our needs, the environment, the dogs and our preferences.  After many years learning different approaches,

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#LWDGBuddy Our New Buddy System!

LWDG Launches It’s New Buddy System! As the weekend of love comes to a close, the news of the sad death of the celebrity Caroline Flack has left many people feeling saddened and shocked.  It’s all too easy to look like everything is fine on the outside, whilst on the inside we feel frightened and

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Indoor Training Exercises For Working Dogs

With Storm Ciara keeping many of us in our homes, Featured Expert Claire Denyer from Family Dog Services has  stepped in to help! Below is a collection of videos to give us some indoor training options that we can enjoy with our dogs. These videos can be useful for rainy days, days that are too

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‘Be My Valentine VIP’ – LWDG Competition

Show Us You Loving Your VIP To Win! (Very Important Pooch) For Your Chance To Win An LWDG Headband And Magic Month Planner. To enter, simply fill out the entry form below with a link to a photo you have shared on social media. Make sure to include the hashtag #LWDGVALENTINE Please note: We need shipping

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Spaniel Aid Charity Walks

5k Regional Walks For Spaniel Aid – 15th March 2020 Join the fun on March 15th 2020 as we take part in Charity 5k Regional Walks around the country to celebrate our first year of membership. Simply make your £10 donation below direct to Spaniel Aid, and then complete the enquiry form at the end

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Preparing Game Birds For The Table

This week we celebrate the Great British Game Week 2019!  With the season in full swing, and Christmas around the corner, now is a great time to prepare game birds from your shoot for your dinner table.  The rule in our home is ‘if you took part in killing it , then you take part

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Loose Lead Walking and Recall Training (Review)

I was delighted to be asked by Claire and John Denyer to review their new online course ‘Loose Lead Walking and Recall Training’. With 4 dogs under 18 months that haven’t had enough attention with my fathers passing,  I felt a refresher on what I needed to do had come at a great time.  The course

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Shoot Day Sloe Gin Truffles

Imagine our delight when LWDG member Min Flemington shared this awesome recipe with the group! This is a great way to use leftover sloes after you have made and decanted your sloe gin. It can also be used with damson gin, damson brandy, cherry brandy or any berry containing liqueur. This versatile recipe also allows

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Developing And Maintaining Your Dogs Desire To Retrieve.

This subject is very close to my heart as we see many dogs who appear to have little to no desire to retrieve. It’s quite a common problem. We have many dogs come to us for training that other trainers have turned away or deemed “no good”.  Unfortunately this problem can cause dogs to be

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A Novice Guide To Shoot Day Etiquette.

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Emma-Louise Stevens, one of our amazing Featured Experts has put together a brilliant short guide your first shoot day if you have never been before.  These tips and hints are things that I wish someone had told me on

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New Featured Expert Badge
LWDG Launches NEW Featured Expert Badge!

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn The Ladies Working Dog Group are extremely excited to announce our NEW Featured Expert Digital Badge!  We are issuing this badge to all of our Featured Experts to acknowledge their skills, knowledge and behaviours that the members of the

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How To Add Weight To Your Working Dog

Keeping weight on a working dog can be difficult, especially as the shooting seasons start.  A dogs weight will vary on a number of factors. Some are hereditary, its type, its age, and its lifestyle.  It’s common for people to believe if you can feel a dogs rib cage, its too skinny but this is

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Why is the Twelfth so glorious?

Today marks the start of the British shooting season for Red Grouse, and historically known as the Glorious Twelfth. We looked into it’s history to find out more.. Where The Glorious Twelfth Started Many believe the 1831 Game Act it is where the glorious twelfth began, however as early as the Game Act of 1773

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Why Socialisation Of Your Dog Is Essential

Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Lots of people get home with their new gun dog puppy and start training them for their new life outdoors.  Training your pup control and obedience is important, but there’s a third topic that is sometimes overlooked… Socialiatation. What Is

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dog sitting on placeboard whilst a dummy is thrown
How To Build Your Own Place Board

With so much chatter about how to use a place board in working dog training, I thought I would show you how we made ours!  What You Will Need To Build Your Place Board: – An 8ft length of 3inch x 2 inch timber. We asked the local merchant to cut the lengths to the

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Be Confident Your Dog Will Listen

When I first started to train my working dog I was rubbish. There, I said it. I was a motivated idiot, all excited but no clue what I was doing. Most sessions ended in disaster with me upset and my dog confused.  There used to be a moment in training that felt like an eternity

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10 Common Household Items That May Affect Your Dog

These 10 Common Household Items Are Potentially Poisonous for Your Dog Just as you house-proof your home before the new baby begins to walk, you have to consider that a new dog will go after just about anything in the home.  Here are some common household items that are poisonous to dogs. Medications Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen,

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2020 Ladies Working Dog Group Summit

Join us for our first ever Ladies Working Dog Group Summit! Summary March 15th 2020 will see the LWDG hold its first ever national summit event, bringing together ladies and organisations from around the UK to celebrate the LWDG 1 year anniversary.  Agenda Come together with members to hear about’s whats wonderful in the world

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Top Tips For Bringing A New Pup Home

This week a gorgeous 12 week old new pup came to live with us.  We asked group members on Facebook and Instagram what’s the best piece of advice they ever received about bringing a new pup into your home.  Here’s their best tips: Fiona MacLeod  Introduce the existing dog in the garden so they can

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5 Helpful Tips for Effectively Choosing A Kennel

Guest Post By Sam Medlock When choosing a kennel for your working dog, it can feel like walking through a minefield.  There are many materials to choose from, styles, add-on’s and upgrades as well as size!  Here are our helpful tips for selecting a wooden dog kennel which will provide your dog with a safe

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