Bethany Nicholls

Bethany Nicholls

Why did you want to be an LWDG Regional Organiser? 

“My Grandfather was a game keeper, so I have always been around working dogs. Finding like minded people who I can discuss training with, and socialise of course, has been really helpful to me, so I’m keen to help other women find the same support. I am passionate about dogs and training which has led me to study an MSc in animal behaviour and try to understand them better. I currently have 2 Springer Spaniels and beat on a small syndicate shoot throughout the season.

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Area Covered : Scotland 

Each region has a Regional Organiser, who organise regional training and activities, and to answer all of our member questions.

Supporting your Regional Organiser is all of the LWDG Regional Organisers, all of which are volunteers who help to run and organise our regional activity and represent you, our members, on a number of different areas.

Meet your Regional Organiser

Our Regional Organiser for Scotland for 2020 is Bethany Nicholls .  Email Bethany if you have any questions about how to get involved in the Scotland region.