Taking Care Of Your Skin Throughout Covid And Christmas
(Guest Speaker Claire Barker)

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In today’s podcast, Jo talks in-depth with the Award-Winning Claire Barker from Barker & Sloane about what we can do to protect our skin through Covid and Christmas. We chat about how you can take a few simple steps to keep your skin looking fab and feeling protected during the coming months.

Claire Barker, Founder, Barker & Sloane

On a farm in the rural countryside of Wiltshire back in 2019, Claire Barker launched her luxury skincare range, Barker & Sloane. Claire was already an award-winning formulator but wanted to design a range that could meet her needs as a lady who enjoyed a rural lifestyle.

Just like the Lovely LWDG Ladies, Claire enjoys spending her free time outdoors.  But Claire also struggles with sensitive skin that is exacerbated by the elements. Claire wanted to love life outside but wasn’t keen on gaining a weathered look, a ruddy complexion, or on suffering from bouts of dryness caused by the wind, sun, and rain. 

Claire uses British botanical oils from British farmers and she is incredibly passionate about helping her clients and the countryside. If you want to find out more about Claire and her lovely skincare range  you can find her on Instagram @barkerandsloane

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