The Thoughtful Dog Trainer

Ready to make training fun rather than frustrating? Let “The Thoughtful Dog Trainer” be your guide to unlocking the full potential of you and your gundog, and join a community of owners who are succeeding with  their dogs and turning training dreams into reality! 

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Praise For The Book

  • Will Hetherington of Gundog Journal calls it a “refreshingly honest investigation” that brilliantly intertwines self-help with practical training tips.
  • Jemma Martin from Whistle and Wag Dog Training praises it for its insightful approach to navigating the challenges of dog training.
  • Louise Ktoris of Hawkersbeau Gundogs admires Jo’s honest tales and invaluable knowledge.
  • Claire Denyer, author and professional trainer at Family Dog Services, finds the book full of hope and positivity.
  • Sue Lister of Field and Fireside Ltd. sees it as a supportive companion for every step of your training journey.

Train the dog in front of you to be the dog you want!

Do you own a working dog breed? Feel overwhelmed? Uncertain of your ability to handle your dog effectively? 

Joanne Perrott, Founder of The Ladies Working Dog Group, presents to you a guiding light un the world of working dog training. Jo delves into the mental hurdles you face and gives you a roadmap to help you build a stronger, more successful relationship with your dog. Drawing on her academic understanding of human psychology and her extensive experience with working dog owners, she guides you to build the assertiveness you need to train the dog in front of you to be the dog you want. The Thoughtful Dog Trainer addresses the emotional, psychological, and practical aspects of dog training. It is your compass on the path to success.

Why You Need This Book:

  • Transform Your Training: Breakthrough in your training approach with Jo’s unique insights.
  • Build Confidence: Learn to overcome self-doubt and become a more confident handler.
  • Embrace the Journey: Jo’s personal stories will inspire and guide you through your training adventure.
  • Expert Advice: Benefit from Jo’s extensive knowledge and experience.

What's Inside 'The Thoughtful Dog Trainer'

Heartfelt Stories:

Jo shares her personal journey, including her fight against brain tumours, infusing her narrative with courage and resilience.

Practical Training Tips:

Grounded in Jo's extensive experience, the book offers practical, real-life advice for training working dogs.

Mindset Mastery:

Drawing from her background in psychology, Jo provides tools to build confidence and competence in both the trainer and the dog.

Unique Frameworks:

Jo introduces her own innovative methods to help you and your dog succeed.

reader reviews

Happy dog
Happy owner

If your feeling over whelmed training your dog, then this is the book for you. Many books focus on training your dog but only this one focuses on the handler doing the training. Arguably the most important component of training your dog. This book will help you reset and have a clear plan in your mind how you can be the best teacher for your dog. Buy this now!

About The Author

Joanne Perrott, the author and visionary behind The Thoughtful Dog Trainer: Your Mindset Journey as a Working Dog Owner, is a trailblazer in the world of dog training and women’s development. As the founder of The Ladies Working Dog Group, a global membership community for women aspiring to train their dogs, Joanne has dedicated countless hours to helping her peers gain confidence and success in this challenging yet rewarding endeavour.

Certified as a Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Joanne brings her vast experience in personal development to her writing, underpinned by her academic understanding of human behaviour from her Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology from the University of South Wales. She offers her readers a unique and inspiring perspective on achieving personal dog training success, merging psychological principles with practical techniques. Joanne is also a respected contributor to the Gundog Journal, a publication recognised throughout the sport of gundog training. She has also been featured on BBC Radio and in magazines, including Gundog Journal and The Field Magazine. 

Joanne resides in South Wales, UK, with her loving family. She shares her life with her supportive husband, Matthew, their three children, Charlotte, Robert and Megan, and their three dogs, two English Springer Spaniels and a feisty Cava Poo cross. Matthew’s unwavering support during Joanne’s brave fight against three brain tumours has been a testament to their enduring love and companionship. The courage and resilience displayed by Joanne throughout this difficult time serve as a testament to her strength and tenacity.

Joanne draws inspiration from influential authors such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown and Jim Rohn. Each has played a significant role in shaping her outlook on life, reinforcing her belief in her own capabilities and influencing the empowering narratives that she brings to her writing. The courage and passion encapsulated in her personal life and professional accomplishments make Joanne a source of inspiration, resonating deeply with her readers, making Joanne an influential voice in the realms of personal growth and dog training.

When Joanne isn’t talking dogs, or helping the LWDG community to thrive, she can be found with her family and friends, learning to play the piano or in a sugar craft class! 

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