Hey ladies! Welcome back to another episode of your favourite gundog training podcast. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Episode 92: “Between Grouse and Pheasant with Insights from LWDG Group Expert Emma Stevens.”If you’ve ever been curious about how working grouse differs from working pheasant, this episode is a must-listen.

LWDG Group Expert Emma Stevens walks us through her first-hand experiences—right from the exciting challenges to the nuances in etiquette. Despite her nerves, she embraced the adventure and has valuable insights to share with us all.

Podcast Episode:

Working with gundogs is a niche field, and each type of game has its own set of challenges and rewards. While some aspects are universal, there are key differences between working grouse and working pheasant that can change your training approach, tactics, and even your enjoyment of the sport. Emma’s insights offer a detailed look at these differences to help you decide which game may be best suited for you and your gundog.

Different Ground, Different Game

One of the most striking differences is the terrain. Working grouse often takes place on open moorland. Pheasants, on the other hand, are more commonly found in wooded areas or fields. Emma loved the challenge of adapting to new landscapes and believes it’s an excellent training ground for both the dog and the trainer.

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Different Etiquette

Emma found that there are some distinct customs and traditions in grouse working that are different from those in pheasant working. These could range from how the shoot is organised to the specific way the day runs. Understanding these differences can help you integrate more seamlessly into either activity if you wish.

The Scent Challenge

One thing Emma didn’t anticipate was the different scent profiles between grouse and pheasant. Each bird has its own unique scent, which can be more or less challenging for your gundog to pick up. Emma’s experience tells us that understanding these scent differences is essential for effective training and successful outings.


Emma thoroughly enjoyed her time working both grouse and pheasant and is looking forward to many more adventures. Her experiences serve as a testament to what we always say here at LWDG: Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and learning. So, if you’re up for embracing new challenges, broadening your gundog training horizons, and joining a community of like-minded women, don’t forget to tune in to Episode 92.


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