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This is the home of The Ladies Working Dog Group, a unique online community for females who own and work all breeds of gun, hunting and working dogs.  

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What Our Ladies Say...

"Before I found the LWDG...life was boring and hard to find good information for ladies in the field. Now I have found the LWDG its...fun, I'm always eager to share positive and negative as you get great feedback from the ladies with no judgement The LWDG is... a friendly online support network for those ladies working dogs."
Sales Assistant
"So far, I've felt like the experiences I go through daily were mine to dwell upon. With this group I can read and laugh at the occupation we live through. I find the stories inspiration and I'm very proud to be a woman working dogs which has been entrenched with male handlers. The LWDG is a great giggle and bundles of experienced handlers to answer questions."
Dog Handler
Before the Ladies Working Dog Group I felt like I was fumbling around in the dark ! I also felt like I was a minority - not any more! Now I feel part of a group of like minded people. I know I can ask any question, no matter how daft it seems, and I will receive loads of helpful advice & encouragement. I don't feel like I'm on my own anymore.Don't think twice about becoming part of the community - just do it! The support is amazing and your life will change for the better.
Resource Manager
"Before the LWDG I struggled immensely with my confidence, wanting to do the very best for my dog and me. I wanted to learn and wanted to train my puppy to be the best we could be. Now my confidence has grown immensely and this is through not only the specialist training's provided each month but in addition the connections it has provided me. I met not only my mentor but my new gundog trainer through the group and both are simply awesome! The LWDG will bring you and your dog happiness, confidence and a world of possibilities!"

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