The Ladies Working Dog Group Has A Single Purpose:

To create an online community that offers friendship, advice and encouragement to female working dog owners worldwide

Who Are The Ladies Working Dog Group, And How Can We Help You?

Hello! We are so delighted you have visited us!

This is the home of ‘Hold The Line’ – The Ladies Working Dog Group, a unique online community for females who own and work all breeds of gun, hunting and working dogs.

The Ladies Working Dog Group was started in 2016 by our founder Joanne Perrott. She was searching for other ladies who went out beating with their dogs. 

LWDG began as a simple Facebook group. It’s vision was to build a ladies only community where women who worked their dog(s), regardless of their breed, could meet and chat on Facebook to talk about everything good and bad with their dog experiences. 

Due to its huge popularity, the group has now become a purpose driven online membership community, where it continues to meet the initial vision,  and now to do so much more too.

From a simple beginning, grew an amazing tribe of friendly women who share a common passion.


Every month we provide online gun dog training bundles for our Members Club

Our paid membership community receives monthly online gundog training from featured experts. This started in March 2019.  It allows LWDG to take the support we can offer the group to a whole new level! 

Ladies Working Dog Group now has over 1900 Facebook Members inspiring and empowering each other in a traditionally male dominated world. We even have our own online clothing brand ‘hold the line’ 

We’ve worked together to help one another get the most out of our dogs and we are here to help you too! 

No matter whether you have a Spaniel or a Sprocker, a Labrador or a Poodle, whatever you’re working with  – we’ve got you covered. 

We have so many resources to help you make the training progress you want no matter what stage you’re at. Join us inside our membership today.

Our Members Are An Amazing Bunch

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Our Membership is Growing So Fast!

New content is being added daily, It’s an incredibly exciting time for the group. Join today  for only £6.70 to get access to all our exclusive content! 

We will possibly be closing access to our membership soon to ensure we look after our members to the best of our ability, so don’t delay. 

Once we close,  we will only reopen when we feel we are ready. 

Founder Members Feed Back

Super excited to be a member! Thanks Jo!
Sasha W
Founder Member
How exciting to be part of a ladies working dog group! Well done for setting this up
Tracy R
Founder Member
This is so brilliant Jo! As an ‘accidental’ Gun dog nutcase – I’m so looking forward to being a part of this wonderful journey. Your own personal story is inspiring – and I thank you for channelling your energy into something so passionate and worthwhile to so many other women
Louise K.
Founder Member
Look forward to becoming part of this group.
Sophie T.
Founder Member
Really interesting group. I have enjoyed the Facebook group and the group is moving to better things! Cheers
Cherry S
Founder Member

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