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Your go-to supportive community to learn bespoke training skills, quicker and simpler than anywhere else.

Owning an active dog is amazing, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Perhaps you’re tired of seeing the same problems every training session? Maybe you’re feeling isolated because you’re the only one in your social circle who is training a gundog breed? Or you might be dealing with a lack of confidence and your completely overwhelmed by the task at hand. We get it, and we’ve been there. 

We have good news, we can help! From the very start of your membership we are going to provide you with clarity and direction. You’ll be signposted to our 9 week step-by-step LWDG Foundational Training programme and we will take you through training that you didnt even realise you needed to do! We start with giving you the skills to train your dog, along with the support to train your mind, and simple solutions to make the journey fun, and you will get all this incredible support for only £19.50 a month! 

Let us replace the overwhelm with excitement, as you learn to easily train your dog around your other time commitments.

How THIS Membership Will Help YOU!

Inside Our Membership You'll Find...

Expert-Led Training:

We offer training sessions led by our professional experts who specialise in gundog training. These aren’t generic dog training sessions; they’re tailored to the unique needs and skills of high energy dogs because we know what they need to succeed. 40% of our groups dogs are non-working working dogs, so if you don’t plan on working your dog you are still very welcome to join our community. 

Supportive Female Community:

You’ll be part of an incredible group of women who share your passion. Whether you need advice, want to share a success, or just need someone to listen, our community is here for you. It’s a safe, encouraging space where everyone understands the joys and challenges of gundog training. Social media can be a disheartening space, but in our exclusive group you’ll be safe to share your questions and your comments. 

Live Coaching Sessions:

Regular live coaching sessions provide you with the chance to learn in real-time, ask questions, and get immediate feedback. These sessions are invaluable for gaining insights and overcoming any hurdles you face in your training. We do this regularly so you can yuo can feel supported in live time and even of you dont have a problem , takingt part in this community event can help you learn how to solve training problems before you’ve even had them. 

Comprehensive Learning Resources:

Access a wealth of resources, including videos, articles, and step-by-step guides. These materials are designed to help you at every stage of your gundog’s training, from the basics to advanced techniques. We release new masterclasses every month where we cover very specific skills so your level of skill and understanding continues to develop. 

Personal Empowerment and Confidence Building:

Our focus isn’t just on training your dog; it’s also on encouraging you. We help build your confidence, which in turn benefits your gundog. Every Monday is all about mindset because without your mindset being in the right place you can’t train your dog succesfully. Our resident psychologist and mindset coach Emma Liddell puts you on the right track for you to see results. 

Flexible Learning to Fit Your Lifestyle:

We understand you’re juggling many responsibilities. That’s why our membership offers flexible learning options, allowing you to learn and participate at your own pace and in a way that fits your schedule. You can plan and store your training in your own folders so you know exactly what your working on and where it is. Our training is available via audio too so you can listen in as you go about your day. 

How Do I Join?

The LWDG supports women globally with a wealth of information from masterclasses, featured experts, training tips and tools, regular online meet ups in our virtual ‘Ask Us Anything’  expert-led coaching sessions plus more! These resources are aimed at supporting you to get the absolute best from your dog, whilst growing confidence and belief in yourself so that you can become a team. 

Our Promise To Members:

We’ll provide advice and training.

No more going in circles – we’re going to help you get complete clarity around what you need to do in order to train your working dog through the masterclasses, or through our exclusive communities.

We’ll welcome you into our amazing community.

Inside you will find ladies just like you. Women who understand how hard it is to train a working dog, and then take it out into the field. You will develop friendships that will bring even more joy to the sports you love.

We’ll help you to implement what you learn.

We’ll then help you improve your skills through live, online workshops and Q&As, accountability partners section, and more. You won’t be training your dog alone.

We’ll provide encouragement with personalised help.

Support at your fingertips. Have a burning dog question, need feedback on what can be improved, need recommendations clothing or kit, or just need support? We’re all here to help you, all 8000 plus of us!

We all start at the same point.

Our flagship course is amazing, so good in fact, it’s included free in the Society Membership and we encourage everyone who joins us to start the journey here. It covers everything you need to know in order to instill the foundations correctly into your dog, before you go on to higher levels of training. It will teach you skills you didn’t even know you needed to train your dog properly for only £47!

What Our Members Think

So happy I found this fun, inclusive group of women where experts generously share their knowledge, time and passion. I am a complete beginner and have learnt so much and feel a lot more confident with my dog training. It is a place where you are not made to feel silly for asking any questions you may have, everyone is so happy to help.
5 Star Trustpilot Review
This is a fantastically supportive and positive group. Jo, the founder, has built a network of ladies that range from complete beginners, to experts - and they freely share their stories and advice to help other group members.
Five Star Trustpilot Review
This is a brilliant site. There is so much information available on all topics relating to dog training and the expert's are so knowledgeable. Everyone is so friendly and always ready and happy to help with any questions/advice needed.
Five Star Trustpilot review
LWDG completely changed the way I train my dog Their support is invaluable to me and i could not imagine my training life without them now They have helped me get over some issues i've encountered in training and helped me build my confidence There is so many advice offered both on the social media platform as in the masterclasses that are accessible as a member. I always look forward to the coaching and Q&A sessions
Jill V
5 Star Trustpilot Review
Joining this group has made me think about every aspect of training my young gun dog despite having trained dogs before . It is an exceptionally supportive informative platform … well done Jo and team … look forward to each weeks sessions be it videos Hot Mess Handler sessions or podcasts,
Alyson F
Five Star Trustpilot Review
Excellent! I have only been in the group now for a short while and I love it, the advice, training and help given is fantastic.
Una J
Five Star Trustpilot review

Tailored For Your Success

You can search our training via level or expert and create your own personalised learning hub within the platform. Our easy to navigate sections make learning easy and fun!

Audio Support

Members have access to two different podcasts, the public ‘Found It , Fetched It’ podcast, and also to their own private podcast that carries all the courses and coaching so you can access training on-the-go.

Hi, I'm Joanne Perrott, the Founder of The Ladies Working Dog Group

You’re probably wondering, “Who is behind all this?”. Well, The Ladies Working Dog Group has been running for over 8 years and we’ve had the pleasure of supporting over 8000 women, just like you! We focus on ensuring every woman feels supported and empowered in their gundog training journey. And because we’re created by women for women, you can trust us to understand your unique needs and provide a safe, nurturing environment for you and your gundog.

Sometimes I think I’m the only one with two springers who are doing the opposite to what I ask. I feel down, I get upset, and then I go into the Society Member community and I know instantly it’s all going to be ok. The group are so supportive and I cannot be prouder of them all, this really is the community that supports you. Your membership now also includes free access to our flagship course Hot Mess Handler which is the course we all wish we had access to from the start. Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to help you learn quicker and with more confidence.

Much Love 

Jo xx

Joanne Perrott, LWDG Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join / sign up?

Use the “Sign Up Today” button above, which will take you to a secure checkout form. After you complete checkout you’re in! Easy. It’s currently only £19.50 to join our membership. We also offer annual membership where you can get three months free!

How does billing work?

You are charged monthly via the credit card you sign up with, with the option to cancel at any time from within your account. Membership payments can be made via debit/credit card, or via Paypal. All transactions are secure, at no time do we have access to your payment details. All payments are secured by 256 encryption as we take your data protection as seriously as you do.

What can I expect inside the members area?

The member’s area offers access to content in the form of over 60 capability level training courses with a new one added every other month. We hold two live coaching events a month too. Inside your membership, there are articles, videos, private podcasts and various other learning resources. You also get member-only access to our event calendar, forums and other community tools. We partner with brilliant experts to create content we know our members want and need.

What if I don’t have a lot of time to commit?

The great thing about our membership is that you don’t need to commit a ton of time each week to get the most from it. It’s all about finding the training and support you need and then getting to work on improving your dog handling. All our training is available as a video or as a podcast so you can listen to our training and coaching as you go about your normal day.

Some people like to go in every day and join in with the community. Others will sit down once a week with a nice warm cuppa to watch a course they want to work on for the next few days. Others don’t have any time to sit down at all, so they listen to the training on a private member-only podcast. Let the membership fit around your lifestyle!

Will I have any live support?

Yes! At least twice a month, we meet online live to hold group coaching sessions. Plus, we have regional group meet-ups and dog training days with LWDG Experts and a ‘Ask The Expert’ chat feed where you can ask a direct question. The LWDG is a global community and we welcome members from all around the world. Our community spans across various countries, and we embrace the diversity of working dog owners from different regions and backgrounds. Regardless of where you’re located, you can join our community and benefit from our resources, support, and network of like-minded dog enthusiasts.

What type of dog is this training suitable for?

It’s suitable for any dog that you want to train to be confident and obedient. We teach all kinds of dogs and handlers to have fun training whilst building their relationship and bond. Your dog does not have to be breed registered.

I’m just starting out, do I need to have a dog?

No. We welcome passionate newcomers who want to learn.

Is there a minimum membership requirement?

Nope. We hope you stick around for months and years to come, but you can come and go as you please. You can cancel really easily from inside your membership dashboard.

What's your approach to gundog training ethics and methods?

We focus on individualised training, recognising that each dog is unique. Our methods are about understanding and catering to the specific needs and learning styles of your dog, similar to personalised teaching plans in education. Importantly, we practice and advocate for humane and respectful training, strictly against any harsh handling or abuse.


Are harsh corrections part of your training methods?

Absolutely not. Our ethos is anchored in a kind and respectful approach. For instance, we might use a soft ‘steady’ command with our dogs, much like a teacher gently guiding a classroom with a ‘quiet, please’. This method is neither harsh nor aversive. It’s about guiding with kindness and understanding. To really get a feel for our compassionate training philosophy, we recommend giving a listen to our podcast ‘Found It, Fetched It’ where we delve into these principles, and our training in more detail.

Can I join even if I don't intend to use my dog for hunting?

Certainly! You’re welcome to join our community even if you don’t plan to use your working dog for hunting. Many of our members (40%) have working dog breeds that they train but do not hunt with, and our resources and community support are designed to cater to all working dog owners who want to provide engaging and fulfilling activities for their pets, regardless of their intended working roles.

If I have more questions or need additional information, how can I get in touch with the LWDG?

We’re always here to assist you! You can reach out to us by sending an email to

 Our dedicated support team will promptly respond to your inquiries and provide any additional information you may require. Feel free to contact us anytime; we’re eager to assist you on your journey with your working dog breed!

Click the button below to read how ladies just like you use their membership to succeed with training. Read in depth what they think about being a member. 

Still Not Sure? Listen In To Our Members

“Meet Our Members” is a short audio podcast compilation that offers listeners an inside look into the world of the Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG). Each of the included episodes in the compilation podcast features a chat between the LWDG Founder and a female member of the group, where they delve into the member’s journey into the group and what they gain from being part of the community. Through engaging and informative conversations, listeners will gain insights into the experiences and motivations of LWDG members. The episode provides an opportunity for members to share their unique stories and perspectives, as well as offer tips and advice to those who are interested in joining the LWDG.



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