The LWDG Hot Mess Handler Course

The LWDG Society Membership

By electing to join the LWDG Membership (whether through online purchase or opting in via the early bird option), you, as the subscriber of a membership to the “Ladies Working Dog Group Membership” (hereinafter referred to as “Client”), acknowledge the terms outlined herein and willingly purchase entry into the Membership, to receive services provided by the Ladies Working Dog Group (hereinafter “LWDG”). You agree that you are voluntarily entering into a legally binding Agreement, including the automatic renewal terms, with LWDG, encompassing the following mutually agreed-upon terms and conditions:

For the valuable consideration of one hundred and seventy-five pounds and fifty pence (£175.50) paid upfront annually, Client is electing to pre-purchase an annual subscription to the Membership. In exchange, LWDG agrees to provide the services outlined in the Membership Site Details below, and Membership Site Addendum attached hereto.

Membership Site Outline:

Client understands that by pre-purchasing an annual subscription to the LWDG Membership, they are gaining access to educational resources, workshops, group mentoring calls, and a community of like-minded female dog owners/trainers. The focus of the Membership is on dog training advice and methods.

Client acknowledges reviewing the Membership Site Addendum and conducting any necessary additional research to understand what is provided in the Membership, as well as what is not included. Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein, as well as the general policies and procedures found in this Agreement and on LWDG’s website.

The Membership is not intended to substitute personalized dog behaviour advice. Rather it focuses solely on dog training advice and methods. If Client believes they require personalised attention for their dog’s behaviour, they are encouraged to seek additional assistance outside the Membership.

Promotions and Bonuses:

Client understands and agrees they are pre-purchasing access to the Membership by acquiring an annual membership upfront, inclusive of LWDG bonuses, program access, and other incentives as detailed on the sales page herein. Upon gaining access to the Membership, Client will redeem their membership by means of granted access provided by LWDG to unlock the bonuses Membership and one (1) year of access. Following this promotional period, Client will be charged for an additional one (1) year of Membership unless properly cancelled as outlined herein.

There are no promotions or bonuses attached to monthly memberships.


As part of Client’s access to the Membership, they will gain access to various trade secrets and personal intellectual property of LWDG. Client agrees not to share, copy, or distribute any documents or other proprietary information obtained through the Membership. Breach of this provision may result in additional action by LWDG, including legal action.


Should Client provide any review or testimonial about the Membership, Client understands and expressly agrees that LWDG may share this testimonial within the Membership and on LWDG’s public platforms to promote the Membership.

Payment and Payment Plans:

Client understands that the cost of the Membership is payable annually at one hundred and seventy-five pounds and fifty pence (£175.50) and will be automatically charged via the same method used for the initial payment. If Client fails to make timely payments, access to the Membership may be restricted until payment is made. If payment remains unsuccessful after fourteen(14) days, Client’s membership may be revoked.

Pausing Membership:

Client may elect to “pause” their membership once by contacting LWDG via email and requesting a pause. This allows Client to temporarily suspend payments for up to one (1) month before automatic renewal. The LWDG have the right to refuse to “pause” the membership, or remove this option at any time, without notice. 

Auto-Renewal Agreement:

Client understands and agrees that continued access to the Membership requires recurring monthly or annual payments (dependent on subscription terms)  that will be charged automatically on the scheduled date.

Cancellation Policy:

Client may cancel their membership at any time, provided the cancellation request is made more than 24 hours before the next scheduled payment. Refunds are not available once access to the Membership has been purchased. Clients must cancel their membership themselves.  Client does this within their account via the cancellation page. 

Refund Policy:

LWDG is unable to offer refunds once access to the Membership has been purchased. Client dissatisfaction or inability to access the Membership does not entitle them to a refund.


LWDG is not responsible for Client’s inability to access the Membership due to technology issues. Client remains responsible for making annual payments unless their membership is properly cancelled.

Voluntary Participation:

Client acknowledges that their participation in the Membership is voluntary, and they are solely responsible for any outcomes or results.

Disclaimer/No Guarantees:

LWDG cannot guarantee specific results from the Membership and is not liable for any negative outcomes experienced by Client.

Intellectual Property:

Client agrees that all copyrights and other intellectual property rights associated with or included in the Membership belong to LWDG. Client may use selected materials within their own business with permission.


Client agrees to hold LWDG harmless from any claims or damages arising from their use of the Membership.

Dispute Resolution:

Any disputes between Client and LWDG will be resolved through good-faith negotiations and discussions, with arbitration as the final recourse.

Applicable Law:

This Agreement is governed by British law.


This Agreement may be amended from time to time, with Client’s agreement to the updated terms assumed upon continued membership in the Membership.