Amy Weeks, a passionate member of the shooting and gundog community,  shares her inspiring journey in this heartfelt interview. From attending her first shoot at the tender age of 4 to taking on the responsibility of organising and running her family’s training shoot day, Amy’s story is one of dedication, growth, and a deep love for the shooting community.

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Getting Started in the Shooting Community

Amy’s journey began alongside her father, who introduced her to the world of shooting at a young age. Attending shoots with her dad ignited a lifelong passion for Amy, leading to her active involvement in the shooting community. Her father’s initiative in starting their family shoot syndicate 15 years ago provided Amy with the perfect platform to immerse herself in this beloved pastime.

Transitioning to Training Her Own Dog

Two years ago, Amy took a significant step in her journey by acquiring her first working dog, Willow. However, she faced the challenge of navigating the training process without much support. Determined to provide the best for Willow, Amy sought guidance from the Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG), where she connected with experienced trainers like LWDG Group Expert Claire Denyer. Through dedication and perseverance, Amy embarked on a learning journey, discovering the nuances of training her own dog and deepening her bond with Willow.


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Organising Her Family’s Training Shoot Day

A pivotal moment in Amy’s journey came this year when she took on the role of organising and running her family shoot’s first training day. With Claire’s invaluable assistance, Amy successfully led the event, despite feeling the weight of responsibility in her father’s absence. The training day provided a nurturing environment for both new handlers and dogs, allowing them to gain valuable experience without the pressure of traditional shoot days.

The Future of the Shooting Community

Despite recent challenges such as bird flu, COVID-19, and poaching impacting the shooting community, Amy remains optimistic about its future. She is committed to inspiring more women to become involved and hopes to continue organising more LWDG Member training days to continue to build a supportive and inclusive community.

As we celebrate Amy’s journey, we are reminded of the importance of passion, perseverance, and community in pursuing our dreams. Her story serves as  inspiration for aspiring shooters and dog trainers alike, encouraging us to embrace their journey with courage and determination.

To listen to Amy’s full interview and join the conversation, visit the link above . Stay tuned for more updates from the Ladies Working Dog Group as they continue to empower women in the shooting and gundog community.

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