With so much chatter about how to use a place board in working dog training, I thought I would show you how we made ours! 

What You Will Need To Build Your Place Board:

– An 8ft length of 3inch x 2 inch timber. We asked the local merchant to cut the lengths to the sizes we needed.

– A ply top for the place board which we again had cut for us 24 inch long by 15 inch wide. 

– A piece of astroturf (or other artificial turf)  26 inches long by 18 inches wide , slightly larger than the top so we could wrap sides. 

– 8 screws of 4.5 inch length

– 10 screws of 2.5 inch length

– Staple gun or glue

Assembly Of Your Place Board

Assembly was really quick and simple. Lay the wood frame out with long lengths on the outside of the shorter lengths. The board will sit at 3 inches high.

Screw the four pieces together to create a frame. When you purchase 3 x 2 inch timber it is never actually that exact size width. Ours was actually 1.75 inch hence the 11.5  inch shorter lengths butting up to the 2 sides, to make a total 15 inches depth (this will make more sense when you make it)

Once you have created your place board frame add the ply top to the frame . Use 4 screws along each of the long sides, and 2 in the middle of the shorter lengths.

Glue or staple the astroturf securely to the top. We used a mixture of both to ensure the dogs couldn’t get hurt by the turf slipping. 

And it’s as easy as that! Each one we made looked more professional as we tweaked the design. Don’t forget to head over to our masterclass section to watch our brilliant video on how to use your place board effectively. 

Make sure to send us your pics of your place boards and we will add them to this post! 

dog sitting on placeboard
Your Free PDF Instructions

We have made a FREE place board instruction sheet. Get yours here !

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