Welcome to another exciting episode of “Found It Fetched It,” where this week we dive deep into the heart of the Countryside Alliance with the incredible Lottie Clinch. Whether you’re a seasoned field sports enthusiast or new to the world of hunting, shooting, and fishing, Lottie’s journey will inspire you to explore the great outdoors and join a community dedicated to preserving and advocating for rural life.

From Horses to Hunting: Lottie’s Field Sports Journey

Lottie Clinch’s passion for field sports didn’t come from a family tradition but through her love for horses and some positive influences, particularly her great aunt Jilly. Moving to Sussex from Yorkshire at a young age, Lottie quickly transitioned from dance to horse riding, eventually finding her way into hunting during her university years.

“Everyone at my school in Sussex was into horse riding. I started eventing and then moved into hunting because it required less commitment but kept me in the saddle,” Lottie recalls.

Her love for hunting naturally led her to shooting and fishing, and today, Lottie proudly holds a firearms license, a shotgun license, and a collection of fishing rods. A pivotal moment was when her great-aunt gifted her an old English side-by-side shotgun in 2020, marking the beginning of her shooting adventures.

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The Role of Women in Field Sports

Throughout history, women have played significant roles in field sports, often overshadowed by the perception of these activities as male-dominated. Lottie reflects on the contributions of women like her great aunt, who were pioneers in their own right.

“It’s interesting that shooting, fishing, and stalking are often seen as men’s sports. Yet, historically, women have always been involved,” Lottie notes.

Her diverse interests span from hunting and shooting to fishing and stalking, each offering unique joys and challenges. For Lottie, stalking holds a special place due to its sustainability and the solitude it offers.

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Mentorship and Camaraderie in Field Sports

Lottie’s journey in field sports has been shaped by mentorship and the community camaraderie. She fondly remembers the friends and mentors who took her under their wing, guiding her through the nuances of each sport.

“I’ve been mentored by some very kind, generous people. It’s a privilege to learn from them and to share these experiences with friends,” she says.

Her two teckels, Sprout and Bramble, are her constant companions on these adventures, whether it’s stalking, shooting, or fishing.

The Countryside Alliance: Advocacy and Representation

Lottie’s career path took an unexpected turn when she joined the Countryside Alliance, an organisation she had been a member of since her teenage years. As Chief of Staff and Operations, Lottie plays a crucial role in advocacy and lobbying for rural communities.

“The Countryside Alliance is the voice of the countryside. We do all the advocacy, lobbying, and campaigning on behalf of rural communities,” Lottie explains.

The organisation sets itself apart through its focus on political representation and public relations, working tirelessly to ensure that rural voices are heard in legislative and policy discussions.

Connecting with the Next Generation

A significant part of Lottie’s role involves engaging with the younger generation to ensure the future of field sports. The Countryside Alliance is committed to creating a following among young people, recognising their importance in safeguarding rural traditions.

“We’re reaching out to agricultural universities and freshers’ fairs to connect with younger audiences. They are key to the future of our way of life,” Lottie emphasizes.

Why Join the Countryside Alliance?

Joining the Countryside Alliance offers more than just membership benefits. It provides a platform for rural communities to unite and advocate for their interests. Members gain access to expert advice, political insights, and a supportive community that understands and values rural life.

“We offer our members insurance and invaluable media and policy information. Our subject matter experts are always ready to help,” Lottie says.

For those interested in joining, visiting the Countryside Alliance’s website is the best way to start. The membership team is always ready to assist and provide information on how to get involved.

Call to Action: Join the Countryside Alliance Today!

Are you passionate about preserving rural traditions and advocating for the countryside? The Countryside Alliance is the perfect community for you. By joining, you’ll support vital advocacy work, gain access to expert advice, and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to safeguarding our rural way of life.

Visit the Countryside Alliance website today to learn more about membership options and how you can make a difference.

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