In the latest episode of “Found It Fetched It,” we dived into the highlights and experiences from our first-ever Ladies Working Dog Group (LWDG) Weekender event. Hosted in Newport, South Wales, this unique gathering brought together women from all over the UK to share their passion for gundog training, build friendships, and learn from one another. Here’s a detailed look at what made this event so special and why you won’t want to miss next year’s Weekender.

A Dream Realised: The Inception of LWDG Weekender

Bringing Women Together

The idea for the LWDG Weekender has been in the works for a long time. Initially planned for 2020, the event was delayed due to the pandemic. However, the wait only made the event more impactful. The aim was to create a space where women could come together, share their gundog training journeys, and learn from experts in a supportive and empowering environment.

A Perfect Venue

Held in a beautifully converted barn, the venue added a quaint and fitting atmosphere for the event. The choice of location in Newport was special for me, being Welsh, and the venue’s charm contributed to the overall experience. With all attendees staying in nearby accommodations, the sense of community was palpable from the very beginning.

Highlights and Takeaways from the Event

Variety of Topics

The Weekender was not just about gundog training exercises. We covered a wide range of topics, from training techniques to the physical and mental well-being of our dogs. The presentations were designed to offer something new and valuable, even for those who have been part of our community for years.

Engaging Sessions

Our group experts led various sessions that were both informative and engaging. The focus was on practical advice and real-life applications, ensuring that every attendee left with actionable tips.

Special Presentations

We had several guest speakers who enriched the event with their expertise. From Lucy Hall’s insights into setter preservation to Natalie’s talk on preventing repetitive strain injuries in working dogs, the sessions were eye-opening and thought-provoking. There were also fabulous presentations from The Natural Dog Hub and JCB Animal Physio.


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The Power of Community

Building Connections

One of the most cherished aspects of the Weekender was the sense of community. The event allowed members who usually interact online to meet face-to-face, deepening their connections. The supportive atmosphere was evident as women shared their experiences, offered advice, and encouraged each other.

Interactive Learning

The live Q&A sessions were a hit, offering a dynamic platform for attendees to ask questions and get instant feedback. These sessions, conducted in a relaxed setting, mimicked the informal, friendly discussions we usually have online but with the added benefit of personal interaction.

Empowering and Inspirational

Starting the weekend with a mindset presentation on “If I am the problem, I am also the solution” set the tone for the event. The theme of empowerment continued throughout, with every session designed to help attendees feel more confident and capable in their training endeavours. The emphasis was on finding solutions and supporting each other through challenges.

Looking Forward to Next Year

The overwhelming positive feedback has already sparked excitement for next year’s Weekender. Plans are underway to make it even more engaging and inclusive, ensuring that every participant feels valued and empowered.

Join Us Next Year

If you missed this year’s event, we highly encourage you to join us next year. It’s more than just a conference; it’s a celebration of our community, a space to learn, grow, and build lasting friendships. More information coming soon!

Final Thoughts

The LWDG Weekender was a resounding success, marking a significant milestone for our community. It was a weekend filled with learning, laughter, and connection. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who attended and contributed to making it a memorable experience.

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