On International Women’s Day 2024, we celebrate not just the achievements of women across the globe but also their incredible resilience and dedication in every field, including the unique and challenging world of gundog training. In line with this special day, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest podcast episode, “Beyond Pink: Unravelling the Pressures of Being Female,” inspired by the Barbie Monologue and deeply infused with the spirit of women who find empowerment through gundog training.

Podcast Edition:

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Empowerment Through Understanding and Training

The journey of being a woman, coupled with the intricate challenges of gundog training, embodies the essence of strength, patience, and resilience. “Beyond Pink” delves deep into the societal expectations and stereotypes that women navigate, not just in daily life but specifically in the realm of gundog training—a field traditionally dominated by men. This episode features stories from our community, highlighting the perseverance and empowerment of women who are breaking barriers with their faithful canine companions.

A Tribute to Women’s Resilience in Gundog Training

Releasing on International Women’s Day, “Beyond Pink” serves as a heartfelt tribute to the determination and tenacity of women in the gundog training community. It celebrates the significant strides we’ve made towards gender equality while acknowledging the unique challenges faced by women in this field. This special episode is a rallying cry for all women to embrace their passion, defy stereotypes, and support each other in every endeavour, including the specialized world of gundog training.

Join the Conversation and the Field

We invite every listener to engage with “Beyond Pink.” Share your journey in gundog training, the hurdles you’ve overcome, and the victories you’ve celebrated. Let this episode be a beacon for women in gundog training and beyond, inspiring conversations that drive change, build confidence, and foster a community of empowered women united by their love for dogs and the outdoors.

As we commemorate International Women’s Day 2024, let’s pledge to uplift each other, challenge the norms, and pave the way for a future where women in all areas, including gundog training, are recognized, celebrated, and supported. Tune into “Beyond Pink” and join us in honoring the incredible women who are leading the way in gundog training and every other field.

Your Story Is Our Inspiration

Your voice is a powerful catalyst for change, and your story is an inspiration to many. By sharing our experiences and supporting one another, we reinforce the solidarity that drives us towards a more inclusive and equitable world. This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the strength, diversity, and resilience of women everywhere, with a special nod to our sisters in the gundog training community.

Listen to “Beyond Pink: Unravelling the Pressures of Being Female”  and celebrate the remarkable journey of women in gundog training and across the world.

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