Hello, gundog enthusiasts! We hope you had a fantastic time at the Welsh Game Fair this past weekend. It was wonderful to see such a diverse and passionate group showing off their dogs’ talents in the Scurry competition. Below are the hard-earned results:


Scurry Results Saturday

Over The Bales

Handler Name Dog’s Name Class Best time
Harry Frieda Junior 00:14.13
Harry Lola Junior 00:16.57
Ruby Bonnie Junior 00:16.91
Harry Lola Junior 00:16.93
Ruby Maisie Junior 00:17.34
McKenzie Buddy Junior 00:32.88
Peter Digger Novice 00:12.72
Joe Shadow Novice 00:13.41
Lucy Athena Novice 00:13.78
Peter Monty Novice 00:13.85
Steve Hugo Novice 00:14.60
Charlotte Dart Novice 00:14.75
Mike Buster Novice 00:14.79
Lynda Florence Novice 00:14.97
John Frieda Novice 00:15.62
Emma Hardy Novice 00:17.47
Mandy Gin Novice 00:17.82
Angela Bee Novice 00:19.09
Jenny Clay Novice 00:19.41
Helen Libby Novice 00:19.97
Ruth Winnie Novice 00:20.16
Hilary Ghillie Novice 00:20.66
Karen Padme Novice 00:23.12
Kat Bonnie Novice 00:23.29
Sarah Juno Novice 00:23.62
Emma Laurel Novice 00:25.41
Angela Bee Novice 00:27.00
Beth Elmo Novice 00:32.75
Steve Dawson Novice 00:40.12
James Bruno Novice 01:19.00
Gillian Dyfan Open 00:12.63
Nick Bonnie Open 00:16.06
Sarah Juno Open 00:21.63
Nick Maisie Open 00:23.07

3 Dummy Pick Up

Handler Name Dog’s Name Class Best time
Ruby Maisie Junior 01:09.00
Harry Lola Junior 02:07.00
Ruby Bonnie Junior 02:08.00
David Ginny Novice 00:23.88
David Ginny Novice 00:29.40
Joe Shadow Novice 00:31.34
John Freida Novice 00:32.72
Mike Buster Novice 00:37.81
Lynda Florence Novice 00:40.35
Richard Jack Novice 00:50.04
Charlotte Dart Novice 00:54.16
Steve Dilys Novice 01:25.06
Rob Storm Novice 01:34.41
Mark Llando Novice 01:43.10
Emma Laurel Novice 02:13.00
Iain Eddie Novice 02:15.00
Emma Hardy Novice 02:45.00
Mark Lilly Novice 04:00.00
David Ginny Open 00:25.48
Nick Maisie Open 00:40.02
Nick Bonnie Open 01:52.00


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Scurry Results Sunday

Over The Bales

Handler Name Dog’s Name Class Best time
Harry Dobby Junior 00:13.12
Bridget Georgie Junior 00:14.67
Sky Taz Junior 00:16.13
Sky Taz Junior 00:16.75
Sky Taz Junior 00:20.25
Rob Duggie Novice 00:11.82
Tian Teddy Novice 00:13.10
Cadi Cora Novice 00:13.16
Katie Tan Novice 00:13.66
Katie Tan Novice 00:14.16
David Ginny Novice 00:14.69
Kate Flee Novice 00:14.84
Kate Flee Novice 00:14.87
Kate Flee Novice 00:16.07
Caroline Milly Novice 00:16.50
Hugo Pip Novice 00:17.66
Luke Teddy Novice 00:18.07
Lynn George Novice 00:22.73
Wendy Tarran Novice 00:23.53
Trudy Elli Novice 00:28.32
Daniel Madi Novice 00:30.50
Jack Ralph Novice 00:35.41
Ella Aoife Novice 00:47.22
DJ Jess Novice 00:52.54
Gillian Dyfan Open 00:12.71
Lucy Athena Open 00:13.50
Gillian Dyfan Open 00:13.50

3 Dummy Pick Up

Handler Name Dog’s Name Class Best time
Tallulah Summer Junior 00:36.00
Ruby bonnie Junior 00:57.00
Ruby Maisie Junior 00:57.72
Zoe Poppet Novice 00:45.43
Rob Duggie Novice 00:47.29
Hugo Pip Novice 01:05.00
Jonathan Teo Novice 01:09.00
Ruth Bran Novice 01:12.38
Rob Duggie Novice 01:20.04
David Ginny Open 00:27.12
David Ginny Open 00:27.35
Gillian Dyfan Open 00:29.54
Gillian Dyfan Open 00:29.59
Zoe Ruby Open 00:32.75
Zoe Ruby Open 00:34.91
Jamie Twm Open 00:40.00
Sarah Juno Open 00:45.32
Zoe Poppet Open 01:10.00

Final Thoughts

A huge thank you to everyone—men and women alike—who participated this weekend. Your passion and skill are what make this community truly special. Keep up the fantastic work and remember, we’re all on this journey together. If you didn’t have a final time, please don’t be disheartened, its a learning curve for us all and many of you had never done anything like it beforehand. Now you know what to work on in time for next year!

A huge thank you to Field and Fireside and Hoddy’s Dog Food for providing prizes, and to all our volunteers for making the event such an incredible success! Also big thanks to The Welsh Game Fair for asking us to collaborate with them,  and to  The Pop-Up Photographer for taking such beautiful photos which can be found here:


Much Love,

Jo and Team LWDG

Images courtesy of The Pop-Up Photographer

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