We get it—life’s a whirlwind. You’re spinning plates with work, family, and the other challenges of your daily life and sometimes the dog is the last of the worries. And there’s no judgment here because we understand. And we also know with a few simple tips you absolutely have the power to carve out meaningful time for training your pet gundog. No compromises on quality, no shortcuts. So let’s dive into 10 game-changing tips that elevate every training minute into pure gold.

Tip 1: Set Clear Goals

Knowing what you want to achieve gives your training sessions direction. By setting a focused goal for each session, you’re making your time—and your dog’s time—count for something special. It transforms every tick of the clock into an opportunity for growth.

Tip 2: Prep Like a Pro and Get Your Gear Ready

Preparation is more than half the battle. Organise your training essentials beforehand and step into each session ready to shine. This ensures that you and your dog can engage deeply without distractions or delays.

Tip 3: The Stopwatch Strategy – Time It Right

Utilise a timer to manage your sessions. No, timers aren’t just kitchen gadgets—they’re your secret weapon for ensuring optimal focus and engagement from your gundog. It also helps you avoid overstretching, keeping each training moment potent.

Tip 4: Keep It Brief

Long sessions can make training feel like a chore—for you and your dog. Short, impactful moments of training can ignite enthusiasm and make the learning stick. Quality always trumps quantity, ladies.

Tip 5: Family Time

Training is a family affair! When everyone’s on board, it not only divides the workload but also teaches your gundog to be receptive to different handlers. It’s not just about listening to Mum; it’s about being a well-rounded family member. Make sure they know your cues and your ways of training so they can help keep it consistent.

Tip 6: Plan B, Always Have One & Stay Flexible

Adaptability is your friend. Unexpected things happen, but don’t let them derail your training. Flexibility means you can quickly pivot and keep the training momentum going. It’s resilience in action, and that’s a life skill worth mastering.

Tip 7:  Be a Routine Queen and set a Schedule

Setting a consistent training schedule creates an enriching routine for your gundog. This regularity adds a layer of security and trust, making your pup even more enthusiastic about learning new things with you.

Tip 8: Make Training a Treat and Have Some Fun

Liven up your training with playful moments and rewards. When training sessions become a happy playground, you and your dog will be counting down the minutes until the next one.

Tip 9: Review Regularly

Regular progress checks are essential. Take a step back and evaluate how far you’ve come, and adjust your goals accordingly. This ensures that both you and your pup are always growing, always evolving.

Tip 10: Cheer the Little Wins

Don’t underestimate the power of small wins. Every ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ or ‘fetch’ is a micro-victory that builds up to significant life-changing habits for you and your gundog.


Time management isn’t just about fitting in training; it’s a masterclass in living a balanced, fulfilling life. Apply these enriching tips and transform every training minute into a two-way street of personal growth and gundog greatness.

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