In this week’s inspiring episode of the “Found it, Fetched it” podcast, join me, Joanne Perrott, alongside our esteemed LWDG Group Experts, Jemma Martin and Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor, as we delve into an intriguing and somewhat playful topic: “You’ll never be sexier than a squirrel.” However, worry not, this doesn’t mean you’re destined to have a squirrel-obsessed canine companion forever!

Podcast Episode:

Understanding Prey Drive in Dogs

Our discussion begins by acknowledging a fundamental aspect of canine behaviour: the prey drive. This instinctual behaviour dates back thousands of years and varies significantly among dogs. Recognising and respecting this innate tendency is crucial for effective training.

Influence of the Environment on Training

We then explore the significant impact of the training environment. Starting training in a familiar environment, like your home, where distractions are minimal, helps your dog focus and learn new behaviours more effectively. Gradually transitioning to outdoor environments, while keeping in mind the 3 D’s  is essential for successful training.

The Value of Your Relationship with Your Dog

Jemma Martin offers insightful commentary on how easy it is to inadvertently diminish the value of your relationship with your dog. We stress the importance of a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship for both your dog’s well-being and training success.

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Enhancing Engagement with Your Dog

A key theme of our conversation is engagement. Whether you’re starting with a puppy or trying to build a bond with an older dog, maintaining engagement is vital. We discuss strategies for enhancing interaction and building a strong connection, even in the face of distractions from the environment.

Establishing Rules, Boundaries, and Benefits

Consistency in rules and boundaries plays a pivotal role in training. A dog that understands its limits and expectations is a happier and more well-adjusted animal. We emphasize the benefits of establishing these boundaries from the start, whether with a new puppy or an older dog.

Concluding Thoughts and Encouragement

To wrap up, we encourage starting as early as possible to establish your ‘invisible bubble’ of boundaries, ensuring your dog understands the benefits of staying close to you. For those with older dogs, we advise patience and the use of tools like longlines in initial training stages.

In summary, while you may never rival the allure of a squirrel, with the right approach and understanding, you can guide your dog towards acceptable behaviours.

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