Welcome back to another captivating episode of “Found It, Fetched It”! In this week’s installment, titled “A Voice For Sustainable Shooting,” we have the privilege of hosting the remarkable Angela Charlton. Angela’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and advocacy in the realm of wildlife conservation and responsible outdoor pursuits. Join us as we delve into her inspiring story and gain insights into the intersection of working dogs, conservation, and sustainable shooting practices.

What We Discuss:

  1. Angela’s Journey: From Wildlife Art to Conservation Advocacy
  2. The Role of Working Dogs in Angela’s Life and Mission
  3. Advocating for Responsible Land Stewardship and Sustainable Shooting Practices

Podcast Edition:

Angela’s Journey: From Wildlife Art to Conservation Advocacy:

Angela Charlton’s passion for wildlife and the great outdoors was instilled in her from a young age, thanks to her father’s influence and encouragement of outdoor pursuits. We’ll explore how her background in wildlife art evolved into a career dedicated to environmental education and community engagement, culminating in her current role as Director of Ramblers Wales.


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The Role of Working Dogs in Angela’s Life and Mission

From childhood, Angela was immersed in the world of working dogs, accompanying her father on training days and developing a deep appreciation for these noble companions. We’ll uncover how her love for working dogs intertwines with her advocacy for access to the outdoors and conservation efforts, shaping her mission to promote responsible land stewardship.

Advocating for Responsible Land Stewardship and Sustainable Shooting Practices

As Director of Ramblers Wales, Angela tirelessly advocates for maintaining public footpaths and engages communities in outdoor access. We’ll examine her efforts to challenge misconceptions surrounding shooting, highlighting the importance of education in understanding the sustainability roles of well-managed shoots. Angela’s nomination to the BASC board and her goals to improve best practices will also be explored, shedding light on the necessity of diverse perspectives in policymaking.

Final Thoughts…

In conclusion, Angela Charlton’s journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for those passionate about conservation, working dogs, and sustainable outdoor pursuits. Through her advocacy and dedication, she exemplifies the transformative power of combining passion with purpose. As we reflect on her insights into responsible land stewardship and the harmonious relationship between humans, animals, and nature, we’re reminded of the importance of preserving our natural heritage for generations to come. Let Angela’s story inspire us to be stewards of the land and advocates for sustainable practices in all our endeavors.

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