Indoor Training Exercises For Working Dogs & Gundogs

With Storm Ciara ( and now Storm Eunice) keeping many of us in our homes, Featured Expert Claire Denyer from FAMILY DOG SERVICES has stepped in to help with indoor training exercises we can enjoy.

Storm Eunice has us all cooped up inside, but that doesn’t mean our dogs can’t get a good workout! Featured Expert Claire Denyer has stepped in to help with 4 free videos on indoor training exercises for working and gun dogs.

Training Ideas For You And Your Dog

Below is a collection of videos to give us some indoor training options that we can enjoy with our dogs.

These videos can be useful for rainy days, days that are too hot to train on, and, can help when working with dogs that are easily distracted outside.

Claire’s top indoor training ideas

Dogs need exercising every day so owners want to exercise them. But it’s not always easy to go outdoors due to weather or illness. Claire has some great ideas for indoor training exercises that will keep your dog happy and healthy!

-Improving heel position

-Position transition training

-Hold and delivery of the dummy

Plus teaching your dog to do useful things like packing the training bag, and assisting with carrying washing to the machine!

Here’s 4 great videos from Claire for you to enjoy…

Some Indoor Basic Training Including Position Transitions and Holds

Some basic Indoor Training exercises Including Obedience And Holds

Further Indoor Training Exercises

Push The Button – Indoor Training EXercise

Now that you’ve seen some great indoor training exercises from Featured Expert Claire Denyer, it’s time to get started! Whether you’re trying one of the exercises for the first time or revisiting an old favourite, make sure to consider your dog’s individual needs. Dogs need plenty of exercise every day, so getting in a good workout even when the weather is bad is essential. Be sure to check out our resources for more tips and advice on how to train your working dog.

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