If you’re someone who’s passionate about field sports, gundog training, or if you’re just curious about sustainable meats, you’re in for a real treat. We are incredibly honoured to have Louisa Clutterbuck, the CEO of the British Game Assurance, join us on our latest podcast episode

In today’s episode, and consequently, in this accompanying blog post, we’re delving deep into the transformative role that women are playing in field sports and the game industry. And let me tell you, it’s not just about participating; women are leading the charge in changing how game is perceived and enjoyed.

Podcast Episode:

The Changing Role of Women in Fieldsports

Once upon a time, field sports might have been considered an area dominated by men. But times have changed. Women are making their presence felt, not as bystanders or casual participants, but as trailblazers in their own right. Historically, women were often relegated to peripheral roles, but today we see an increasing number of women not only participating but shaping the very landscape. From hunting to gundog training, women are embracing these activities as a part of their lifestyle, proving that the field is as much a woman’s place as anyone else’s.

Spotlight on Louisa Clutterbuck and the British Game Assurance

Louisa Clutterbuck is more than just a participant in this landscape; she is one of its defining leaders. As the CEO of the British Game Assurance, her influence has helped shape the perception and practices surrounding game. Under her stewardship, the organisation has made significant strides in promoting ethical and sustainable game practices, ensuring that the sport is both humane and environmentally friendly. The future will see Louisa’s role change as the assurance scheme moves under the collaborated umbrella of Aim To Sustain, and Eat Wild becomes Louisa’s main focus.

Game Meat: Breaking Stereotypes

When it comes to game meat, there are often misconceptions that can discourage people from exploring this culinary avenue. Whether it’s the idea that game meat is ‘wild’ or ‘exotic,’ these stereotypes often overshadow the real benefits. Game meat isn’t just a culinary experience; it’s a sustainable and often healthier option compared to factory-farmed meats. Rich in protein and low in fat, game meats like venison and pheasant offer a unique combination of flavours and health benefits.

A New Way of Looking at Game

Louisa Clutterbuck isn’t just revolutionising how we view fieldsports; she’s also helping to change how we enjoy game as a part of our modern lifestyle. From creative cooking methods to incorporating game meat into your everyday meals, Louisa has some incredible tips to help us enjoy this often underappreciated resource to its fullest. By embracing a modern approach, we can not only enjoy these activities and foods but also align them with our broader life goals and wellness objectives.

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The Relationship between Fieldsports and Food

It’s fascinating how one’s perspective on fieldsports can influence their view on sustainable meats, and vice versa. For instance, becoming proficient in gundog training and understanding the ethics of hunting can lead to a deeper appreciation of where our food comes from. This newfound respect often translates into making more ethical and sustainable choices in the kitchen.

The beauty lies in how one area can enhance the other, creating a cycle of respect and appreciation that elevates both activities. Understanding the origin of game meat can make the culinary experience even more satisfying, while the joy of cooking and savouring game can add another layer of meaning to field sports activities.


We’ve covered a lot of ground today, from the groundbreaking roles that women, like Louisa Clutterbuck, are playing in field sports, to the joys and benefits of incorporating game meat into our diets. Each of these aspects, while enriching on its own, becomes even more impactful when we see them as connected parts of a larger, enriching lifestyle. We hope that you leave not just informed but also inspired to explore the world of fieldsports and sustainable meats in a new light.

So, what’s the next step? We invite you to listen to our podcast episode 94 with Louisa Clutterbuck, where we delve even deeper into these compelling topics. Your participation doesn’t have to stop at listening—join the conversation in our community and share your own insights and experiences.

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Download the Episode: Podcast Episode 94 – Changing Perceptions and Plates with Louisa Clutterbuck

Contact Information: To learn more from Louisa Clutterbuck and about the British Game Assurance, you can reach out via the British Game Assurance Website or Email.


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