So, what is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

When it comes to Cold Pressing dog food, the main aim is to deliver the convenience of dried kibble food, in a food that has nutritional benefits which are as close as possible to a raw food diet.

This is done by gently heating the ingredients at just 55-65 degrees Celsius. Doing this allows us to keep the nutritional value intact.

Delicate vitamins, minerals and omegas are preserved.  Proteins remain unaltered and starches are kept as easily digestible as possible.

Some ingredients are pre-treated at slightly higher temperatures, in order to ensure that the food meets all health and safety requirements and so that your dog can eat it safely, and you can handle and store it.

Once mixed, these gently warmed ingredients are pressed very briefly and chopped up into nutritionally rich pellets.

Another thing to note is the type of ingredients that are used.  Given the low temperatures, it’s not possible to Cold Press ‘fresh’ ingredients, especially animal proteins.  Instead, we use a super-concentrated protein called ‘meat meal’.  Meat meal historically has a terrible reputation which comes from many years of it being used as a generic term to describe animal protein ingredients that were…shall we say less than appetising?

These days though, meat meal comes in various levels and a high-quality meal is an incredible ingredient!  Here in the UK, a top-quality meat meal (also known as ‘dried ground meat or fish’) is absolutely packed with protein that is extremely easy to digest.

Also, because the ingredient is already classed as dry and therefore has a very low moisture content, the % you see on the back of our packet is the % your dog is actually getting from quality cold-pressed food.


Why is all this so important?

It’s all about digestibility….the more digestible a portion of food is, the easier it is for your dog to absorb all of the nutrients that they need.  It also means that Cold Pressed dog food is gentle on your dog’s tummy.

One of my absolute favourite things about this type of food is how easily it breaks down in water (and stomach acid!).  A Cold Pressed pellet won’t expand when moisture is added.  Instead, it starts to break down naturally.  This is fantastic for doggy digestion, helping to prevent ‘bloat’ and also ideal if you like to vary how your dog’s meals are served.  Fancy adding a bit of gravy in your dogs today?  No problem, just add some dust from the bottom of the bag and pour in some warm water.  Leave to sit for a couple of minutes until cool, give it a quick stir and there you go.  Fancy giving your dog a frozen treat? Pop a few pellets in hot water and set them aside.  When it’s cool, give it a quick stir, pour it into a mould and put it in the freezer. A delicious icicle is ready to be devoured in a few short hours.

I could talk about the awesomeness of Cold Pressing for days…but this blog post is already longer than planned!  So I’ll leave you by saying that since we’ve switched to cold-pressed food, the benefits in our own dogs are clear to see, including (and sorry to get technical here…) much more pick-able poos thanks to those super digestible ingredients!

Not only that, but on a personal note, I love knowing that the ingredients I see are the ingredients I feed.  Unaltered by temperature or moisture reduction.  After more than a year of research into the technology and how it affects ingredients, and nine years researching canine diets, working with a fantastic nutritionist along the way…I am so incredibly excited to have finally launched my business!

Rùn, Cold Pressed Dog Food

All our current and new recipes are formulated grain-free, with single source animal proteins, making them even easier to digest.  And all of Rùn’s recipes contain my specially designed ‘joint premix’ with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, to help support hard-working joints.

I’m also proud that my brand Rùn is one of a very small handful of dog food brands that upholds a commitment to absolutely no single-use plastics.  Gentle on tummies, gentle on the environment, Rùn is food for paws and the planet.

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