There is a big difference between a gundog that is gun shy and one that is gun nervous. Gun shyness is usually the result of poor training, while gun nervousness is a genetic trait. If you are having trouble determining which category your gundog falls into, keep reading for more information.

A gun-shy dog is one that has been poorly trained and has had a bad experience with guns. This can happen if the dog was not properly introduced to guns, or if they were punished for being afraid of them. Gun shyness is not a genetic trait, and it is something that can be fixed with proper training.

A gun nervous dog is one that has a genetic trait that makes them afraid of guns. This is not something that can be fixed easily with training, and it is important to remember that these dogs should never be forced to work with guns. If you have a gun-nervous dog, the best thing you can do is maybe find another activity for them to enjoy.

Hopefully, this podcast and article have helped you better understand the difference between gun shyness and gun nervousness. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading!

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