Gundogs have been around for centuries, and their purpose has always been to help hunters. Whether it was retrieving downed birds, tracking game through the forest, or holding point until the hunter could get to them, gundogs have always had a job to do. But over time, things have changed. Gundogs are now often kept as pets, and they can participate in a range of different activities beyond just hunting.

In this podcast and blog post, we talk to LWDG Featured Expert Michelle Oseman about the evolution of the multi-use dog. We take a look at how gundogs have evolved from simple hunting companions into multi-purpose pets that can be involved in a variety of hobbies and activities!


One of the most popular activities for gundogs these days is agility. This dog sport requires athleticism, speed, and precision as the dog navigates an obstacle course. Agility is a great way to burn off energy and keep the dog exercised, as well as provide a challenge that can keep the dog engaged and mentally stimulated.


Another popular activity for gundogs is scent work. This is a sport that utilizes the dog’s natural ability to sniff out things, and it can be done either competitively or just for fun.

In scent work, the dog is tasked with finding a specific scent and indicating its location to the handler. This can be done with any type of scents, such as food, drugs, or even human scent. Scent work is a great way to bond with your dog while also teaching them focus and concentration.


Mantrailling is a term used when the dog is employed to search out and indicate the location of missing or wanted persons.

Mantrailling is a specific type of scent work where the dog is tasked with finding a human scent and indicating its location to the handler. This can be done for law enforcement purposes, or simply as a way to have fun with your gundog.


And finally, canicross is a sport that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves dogs and humans running together, and it’s a great way to bond with your furry friend while getting some exercise!

So if you’re thinking about getting a gundog, don’t limit yourself to just hunting. There is a whole world of activities out there that you and your dog can enjoy together!

Have you ever tried any of these activities with your gundog? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our podcast for more great information on gundogs

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