You may be wondering why we have a blog on them, I mean, they’re just a handbag dog aren’t they? Actually, these little wonders are amazing working dogs. Dawn Seago, from K9 Lifestyles, did a Zoom call with us about her experience with The Dachsund- and has very kindly written this blog for us.

The History

The name Dachshund means “Badger Dog” in German translation, Dachs meaning Badger, Hund as a dog. Some say that the Dachshund originated from the Basset Hound during the French revolution, but Dachshunds were already in Germany at this time. Queen Victoria had a Dachshund called “Dash” bought for her by Prince Albert, they were thought to be in England before this though.


Dawn Seago and Diesel

About The Breed

There are 6 varieties and three coat types recognised in the UK: mini smooth; mini long; mini wire; standard smooth; standard long; standard wire. No matter what the coat or the size, it is a Dachshund. Sometimes referred to as a “Teckel”, it is still a Dachshund, most commonly people call the wire-haired type Teckels.

They are clever, stubborn, lively, independent and very courageous, to the point of rashness. They are not a small little handbag dog, which is what they seem to be at present.  They will dig their way out of a garden if bored or restless, forget your nice flowers as they will have them destroyed if left to their own devices, I have lost a few flowers. They have immense power in forequarters and forelegs, when viewed from the front the thorax should be full and oval-shaped, this allows good capacity for the heart and lungs. The feet should be bigger on the front legs than the back legs to allow for digging. There is of course lots more to the Breed standard, so it’s advisable to research this.

Dawn’s Dachshunds

As A Working Dog

The Dachshund does not fare well being left alone all day, as boredom and destruction will happen. Like many dogs, they do not arrive in your home fully trained. They are highly intelligent and will manipulate humans quite easily, they are a Hound with a brain. Some breeders will say Wires are extroverts, Longs are laid back, Smooths are said to be the “one person dog”.  In training with your Dachshund- be consistent with it, they will be stubborn, and if they find a weakness? “Boom”, they own you. As they grow, find a job for them to do, all kinds of nose work are the best thing for a Dachshund. They were bred to hunt, harness that power and get them working. They love to track/trail, there are lots of scent work clubs to join. I have one who Tracks for wounded deer with BMH of GB, we train once a month. As a Mantrailing UK Instructor, they Mantrail too, (not looking for a man).  I even have a Dachshund who does Parkour and Hoopers. All of these activities are low impact sports so they are suitable for a Dachshund.  Talking of backs- yes, some do have issues with IVDD, just be watchful of things like too much jumping or stairs, keeping the Dachshund fit helps. There is lots of information on The Dachshund Breed Council Website.

Thinking Of Owning One?

Before buying a Dachshund, visit some conformation shows and talk to breeders. Find out the breed’s health status and ask questions. If you have made your mind up to welcome a Dachshund in your home, then talk to several different breeders- not just one. Choose your breeder wisely, and make friends long before you get your puppy, good breeders do not always have puppies on sale. I also show my Dachshunds to Championship level, and welcome people to chat to me about working their Dachshunds too.

Remember these little dogs love to work, they will surprise you with their tenacity to do a job.

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