Instilling Confidence and Cues In Your Puppy

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About Instilling Confidence and Cues In Your Puppy

From 8 weeks old a new pup can enter our lives with our plan to use them as a working dog. There are many months until we can start formal training, but in that time there is so much we can do to make the months ahead fun and rewarding for a young pup.

Join Featured Expert Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor as she shows us exactly how to make a huge difference in the future of our working dogs.

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Hi, I’m Sam Thorneycroft-Taylor and I run Languedoc Gundogs; a Gundog and Obedience Training Center in Gloucestershire.
Languedoc Gundogs was started in 2005 and I took over the sole running of it in 2010 when my husband went back into farming. We have written articles for Sporting Shooter and been featured in The Field Magazine and the Telegraph’s Countryside supplement.
My love of (gun)dogs started when I was very young, although we didn’t have a family dog growing up so I borrowed other people’s to walk and train. My first Springer Spaniel was quite headstrong and I learnt very quickly that she needed a more structured approach with lots of mental stimulation to keep her fully occupied. She ended up a lovely beating companion and even joined me picking up – though she refused to put anything feathery in her mouth and was more of a ‘spotter’ assisting the rest of my team. She had one litter of pups and her son is now a key component in my picking up team. 

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