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Using A Place Board With Your Working Dog

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Join us for the lesson below where featured expert  Emma-Louise Stevens of Cunningshot Dog Training   delivers an absolute masterclass on teaching you how to successfully use a place board with your dog .

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What Our Members Thought:


Fantastic Class

Fantastic class, knew nothing about place boards beforehand and now wishing I’d done this with my dog from a pup. Hoping 2 years old is not too late!

Krissie T

Absolutely Brilliant

Absolutely brilliant I have learnt so much and it so easy to understand I have been doing the advance place board work with Reggie my 3 year old before his daughter arrives next week 😊

Lorraine H

Really helpful and easy to follow

Really helpful and easy to follow. I have been introduced to place board training before but never really understood how it works but this was so simple. Will be taking some tips. Thank you

Chloe R


Expecting my placeboard to come in the mail today. I had a couple ideas how to use it already and was actively looking online for more ideas. This was perfect!


Course Structure

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Lesson 1

00:25 - Intro to Emma-Louise Stevens
02:18 - Introducing the board
04:26 - Puppy behaviour
10:00 - Place
14:00 - Recall
17:00 - Correcting behaviour problems
18:32 - Heel
28:38 - Finish
32:52 - Retrieving
35:50 - Removing boards
40:40 - Direction
47:25 - Summary/contact details
Want to build your own placeboard? Visit our blog article HERE 
Society / P&M

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