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Join us for the lesson below where featured expert  Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor  of  Languedoc Gundogs. Samantha  delivers an absolute masterclass on teaching your dog to walk to heel.

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What Our Members Thought:


Fantastic Masterclass

Fantastic masterclass - thank you. Lots to go away and work with.

Emma P

I Wish I Had This Info When My Merlin Was A Pup!

It was very varied and didn't just focus on starting puppies. I loved the fact that the Springer was older and full of beans just like my Cocker. Gives me hope that it will one day be achievable. It contained lots of important information. I wish I'd had this info when my Merlin was a pup!


Fantastic Masterclass

Fantastic masterclass and lots to now work with. Thank you

Emma P

Course Structure

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Lesson 1

01:40 – Introduction from Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor

03:08 – When should you start training your pup

03:30 – As your pup gets older

04:06 – Positioning the slip lead

05:16 – Length of your training session

05:50 – Beginning heel work training

06:18 – Making left turns

11:17 – Moving to a loose lead

12:18 – Heel work with a spaniel

14:30 – Dealing with an overexcited pup

15:42 – Moving to off lead

17:14 – Stopping a dog from pulling

18:42 – Trouble shooting in new environments

20:10 – Focussing exercise

21:48 – Estate etiquette

22:24 – Lead fastened around neck

26:02 – Removing the lead

30:30 – Overview of training

Society Members Only

Work Book

Workbook - Download Here 

Society Members Only

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